Flame Sword


This is for pay-back

To Fight back when someone do something awful to you!

You will need the following items for this spell:

4 White candle’s

Casting Instructions for ‘Flame Sword’

The intent of this spell is to bring great pressure on your enemies.

The spell must be used judiciously in order not to bring unnecessary suffering to the innocent and blameless. If ill-used, the effects of this spell can return upon you and your life turned to misery.

Having correctly determined the enemy and their actions, the spell need be cast thusly: At the midnight of a waning moon, in a darkened room, three candles need be lighted and put on the ground so as to form a triangle. You then need to sit in the center of the triangle, light a fourth candle and hold it with both of your palms.

Close your eyes, pay attention to your enemy or enemies, and repeat their names aloud only 1 time. Open your eyes and stare at the flame of the candle, focusing your gaze at the bottom of the flame. The next invocation should be spoken aloud:

Spirits of the light draw near and hear my cry
Evil rises and forms against me
Thine enemies harm for me harbor
And clamor that ill-deeds be done
Ill-deeds to Increase the iniquitous actions
Of them and their minions of the dark
I beg thee fold me in thy arms
Whilst right be done and vengeance be wrought
The flaming sword of retribution
Be visited upon them and their hearts be purged
Let excellent pressure be brought to bear
Upon their wicked heads
So that their minds may be washed clean
Of ill-intent and darkness.
These things I beg of thee
That thus they may come to pass.

Holding the candle today with only your left hand, pass your right hand over the flame of the candle three times and then extinguish the candle. Extinguish the candles on the ground in a clockwise rotation from that which you extinguish first.

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