Fear Inducer


Increase fear

You will need the following items for this spell:

Victim’s name/pic •5 Candles in pentagram formation •(Optional) 1 Bonfire • Red mark (if you want to use the fifth one) Place the name of the victim inside of the pentagram, there are 5 ways to bring Fear to your victim

Casting Instructions for ‘Fear Inducer’

Just Your Fear:
Just simply place the name/pic in the pentagram and say:

Dark forces, corrupt thy foe and feast on his/her fear, all his nightmares will be about me. . .all of those frightening tales hell hear is about me in his ears.

The following morning when you visit him/her at work, school, or just in the grocery store, he/she will look at you like youre going to strangle him/her facing everyone.
Fetal Position Fear:
Slice the name/pic in fourths and place each four in the center of the pentagram, when he sees you he won’t help curling into a fetal position.

I Wish I Was Never Born Fear.

Throw the name/pic to the Bonfire and chant:

Satan, Make thou soul suffer, make his/her heart leap from thy chest. Make him/her be very afraid.

When you even look at your victim now, youll be feared since slender man.
Scared (censored)-less:
Slice the First letter of off his name (If pic, slice off the face) chant:

Thou is no more, light be removed from this sorry excuse of a human being and darkness be put inside of the shriveling monkey.

Next day, he/she sees you, they’ll run as if they were running out of Death.
Deathly Scared:
Slice the pic/name to a star shape and place it in the center, take the red marker and place a circle in the outside. Chant:

Now, Satan, it’s my turn to be feared, I am true Satan. There’s absolutely no divine power more divine than mine.

The next day that your victim will act as if he’s staring into the eyes of the devil himself.

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