Evocating Ma’at for Justice


This is a simple spell to bring a person to justice; that calls upon the Egyptian deity of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice- Ma’at.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Ostrich feather 1 White paper 1 Pot of ink 1 White candle If you can’t obtain access to an ostrich feather, then you might use the feather of a Blue Jay as a substitute.

Casting Directions for ‘Evocating Ma’at for Justice’

Ma’at was the personification of truth, order, balance, law, morality, justice, stars and seasons. Ma’at was also said to regulate the actions of both the other deities and mortals, she set the order of the world from chaos at the moment of creation.

Place the paper on the surface you are using, and put the ink pot alongside it. Grab your ostrich or blue jay feather, and dip the sharp finish it in the ink. Carefully write the name of this one to be brought to justice on the newspaper; you may have to dip the end in the ink a few times again while doing so.

After writing the name, patiently wait for the ink to dry. While doing so, light your white candle.

Once the ink has dried, wipe the ink off the end of the feather, and proclaim:

“Ma’at, goddess and personification of justice and truth,
I ask you kindly to bring justice on the individual inscribed.
I have the symbol, your emblem, of fact- the ostrich/blue jay feather.
I use this on your honour; and your aid is highly appreciated.”

Once more, bring the paper with the title forth, catch the feather and dip it in the pot of ink. Underneath the name of the person to be justified, draw the hieroglyph for Ma’at. Ma’at can be written in many ways, but the simplest is the feather. However, this can cause confusion as the feather can also symbolize the air god, Shu.

If you would like to be more specific, add the loaf symbol (a semicircle), and a simple image of the goddess on a seat with a feather above her head. Google can provide you with pictures of these pictures.

After that, chant once more:

“Ma’at, goddess and personification of truth and justice,
I request you kindly to bring justice on the person inscribed.
I possess the symbol, your symbol, of truth- the ostrich/blue jay feather.
In addition, I have wrote your name in hieroglyphs out of respect; and also to make my intent clear. I request you to love this.
I use this in your honor; and your aid is highly appreciated.”

Place the ostrich/blue jay feather on into the newspaper, and using the white candle, set the paper alight. Once the feather and paper has burnt, gather the ashes and scatter them out by throwing them into the atmosphere, preferably on a windy day.

It is done.

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