Justice Spell


This is a spell to punish wrongdoings done to you by somebody else. Use if you need it.

You will need the following items for this spell:

At least 1 White Candle
1 Pure White Piece of Paper
1 Blue Ink Pen
The Target’s Name
Night Time

Casting Instructions for ‘Justice Spell’

1. Clear your mind, floor, and centre.
2. Go outside.
3. Light the candle.
4. Write the individual’s name on the paper using the blue ink pen. Write what they did to deserve this charm.
4. Fold the paper up to a square, and draw a scale on the outside.
5. Concentrate on the candle intently. Then say the following: “(Target’s name), you will now be punished for your wrongdoings. In the name of Justice, may all your wicked deeds strike you in Vindication, righting the wrongs you have committed!”
6. Burn the paper with the candle’s flame, then repeat the following until you feel you no longer need to: “May justice be dealt on this night of nights.”
7. Blow the candle out, allowing the smoke to float freely. Wait until the candle stops smoking, then say the following: “It is done.”

If done properly, something should happen to the target. For instance, if they committed a crime, they need to be arrested. This spell may take some time to take effect, so be patient.

Note: Only use this spell in case you should. DO NOT USE IT FOR REVENGE! ALL desire for revenge should be cleared from your mind before you use this spell. Otherwise, either it will not work, or bad things may happen to you.

Please rate this spell based on how well it functions. (1 star for not at all, 5 for quite powerful.)

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