Do My Bidding


A puppet spell to bind someone to your will.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Three pieces of ribbon Thread or yarn (one red, one yellow, and one black) Controlling powder

Casting Directions for ‘Do My Bidding’

Tie in each one three knots, repeating the name of the one you would like to doyour bidding because you tie each one. Then bind all three pieces and carry them or wear them on your person. The person you have bound in this manner will not be able to resist your wishes or commands. Add to your everyday bath a spoonful or two of High John Conquering or Success Bath, and see what a difference there will be in your life in only five to seven days!

After the tub, rub some Controlling Powder on the arms and around the shoulders. If there’s a certain person you would like to dominate, the puppet spell has many benefits. Choose a
Thursday when the moon is waxing, and at 8:00 AM, 3:00 PM, or 10:00 PM, and just aftersecuring your privacy so that no one will see or hear you, take a picture and label it with the name of the person you wish to influence to your will. It is possible to use a doll, a picture, or even a blank piece of paper cut to resemble a human body.

For those who have a possession of the person you are attempting to influence, so much the better -attach hair snips with adhesive, rub in nail clippings, tie or sew on a sock, handkerchief, or anything belonging to the one for whom the image is made. Hold the doll or image in your hands in front of you, concentrate on the person involved, and chant, at least seven occasions – Damballah, may I (mention your own name)come out victorious in my dealing with (mention the persons name).

Work with the doll each day at exactly the same hour for fourteen days. After the picture is tagged and named, this should never change. No doll ought to be used for more than 1 person. If you wish to influence several individuals, use a different doll for every one.

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