Fae / Fairy Info and Summonings


Information on how to invoke and worship fairies!!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Something sweet (preferably something you’ve baked yourself) An open center (not physically!!) Bells and chimes Something shiny and mechanical (fairies are very curious!) Revoking your infinite hatred for your dad or whoever oppresses your beliefs!! (Emanating kindness and love into the Fae!) Hummingbird nectar or plant nectar w/ honey

Casting Directions for ‘Fae / Fairy Info and Summonings’

Set up a space for your own fairy friends! Preferably outside or by an open window near nature!
Leave out snacks for your guests! Do not be rude, leave out treats like baked goods, sweet things, plant nectar, hummingbird feed, honey, etc..
Give them a concerto! Leave out bells and chimes, as these are the fairies favorite instruments! They love the noises they make, and I myself recommend them for any home!
Moreover, they won’t investigate your house unless they have a reason! Tempt them with shiny stones and metallic things! They love to investigate human things so humans be advised!!
Now, time for the meditation ritual…

Sit by your fairy spot and think about all the lovely things in your life! Everything that you love and care about! And if you start thinking about bad things, such as finances and family disputes… think about love and friendship and sweet things such as the fae! And whenever you lose focus, do not give up hope! Know that there has to be a light somewhere that is casting all of the shadows on our presence!
In the end, calm down. Breathe. Question your existence. Wonder how something so great could be formed in this time and this place, and feel your aura glowing around you. Your light should be enough to guide the fae to your dwelling!

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