Encourage Weight-loss (Formatted)


Gives your the wisdom to find and understand information on healthy diet and exercise, removes temptations and roadblocks, encourages the luck and moral of the person dieting.
I’ve posted this spell before but had no idea the formatting could make everything unreadable.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Pen (Preferably red or black) 1″ * 11″ blank paper strip (just tear it off a pieve of computer paper) A written copy of the runes and their names so you do not overlook them while your doing the ritual A box or piece of cloth of value to you that you can use to pay the talisman

Casting Directions for ‘Encourage Weight-loss (Formatted)’

This ritual/ charm, produces a talisman, because itll help you maintain the magic with you and active. This process will be long, annoying, and draining, but bear in mind that the more work you put into a spell, the more you get out. Before you start worrying about supplies for a talisman, dont stress. By talisman I mean cheap paper piece of crap which you could fit in your pocket. The way I get magic to abide by talismans is using the old runic alphabet Elder Futhark.
Each rune corresponds to a letter, has a title, and carries magical meanings. Runes were used by pagan priests in scandanavian countries for divination and magic. Spells of magic doesnt carry font support for runic letters, so Ill only be giving you the names of the runes in English and relying on you to google them so you know what they look like.
Before you start, you are going to have to make a bindrune for yourself. A bindrune resembles a signature and it represents YOU in any spell which involves runes. To make one, google Elder Futhark and find the two/three runes that represent the intitialls of your name. Then write them on top of eachother in a pleasing and semetrical way. You might enjoy this, as bind runes, and the runes which make up them can reveal something about your personality. READ ALL INFORMATION BELOW BEFORE BEGINNING. There is Lots of prepwork and a lot of the magic requires personal knowledge
The runescript (series of rune letters youre likely to use):

Ansuz – Represents wisdom and communication. It starts the magic of the talisman, so the spell will start when you begin looking for and obtaining info on weightloss. Itll help you locate great sources and allow you wisdom in your decisions

Bindrune* – compose your bindrune so the spell understands who the wisdom, and the spell in general is for

Dagaz – rune representing a brand new day in this case, giving you luck and a fresh start

Hagalaz – its most literal meaning is hail, but in addition, it eliminates distractions and impediments. Just think of it as a lot of hailstones slamming into any temptations which can knock you off track, or even strike you if you dont get with the program.

Jera – Means year and represents success and growth over the years, rewards for hard work

Wunjo – signifies joy, and as it is almost the final letter from the script, it means that regardless of what happens the charm will create happiness.

Ingwaz – retains the spell from fading away.

I want to point out that the runescript is seven symbols long, which is a number of magical significance and can power up the spell even further. Now for the spell:

Meditate, ground yourself, whatever you will need to get ready for a nasty power intensive charm.

Bring your materials to the place where youll be doing spell work.

Use your own personal magical power, or a broom used only for ritual purposes to clean your spellwork area of energies that can interfere.

Construct a magical circle to prevent interference and help gather magical energy. If you will need to learn how to do this, ask me or look through the forums.

On all sides of the paper youll want to compose your runescript seven days. It helps if they are equally spaced apart.

As you write each rune, chant the runes title and think as hard as you possibly can about what every runes place is in the spell and visualize it happening to you. As you do this some energy will leak from you, through the pen and ink and to the shape of the rune. Bear in mind that runes are magical by their very nature so this is adding a great deal of juice into the spell. *Remember that while you compose your bindrune, write the parts of it in order of your initials, chant the name of this rune component youre currently writing, and think about what that part of your name means to your identity

When youre done doing this to both sides of the paper. Use a little bit of your saliva to cover each rune on the paper strip. This is a bit like giving the runes life-blood.

Fold the strip of paper into a flat pentagon. The method to do this is the same for making those little oragami celebrities. Ive included a link with instructions: http://www.origami-instructions.com/origami-lucky- star.html Your strip is thicker so the pentagon disk will be larger. And dont do the last step of pinching the edge. You might want to practice this.

Cover the talisman either by putting it in a box, or by wrapping it in a fabric nine times over. Walk around the covered talisman nine times while talking alound what you want the talisman to do. Be somewhat specific. Visualize the energy in the talisman growing.

Uncover the talisman and bring it to your lips. Chant the runes in the runescript fourteen times while considering what the runes will do. Very time consumming, but also serves to give the breath of life to the talisman. You can now think of your talisman as almost a primative living thing.

Harness the talisman three times to get its attention, tell it its purpose, and name it if you want to.

Raise it over your head and chant ANSUZ LAGUZ URUZ. These three runes are constantly spoken or written at the conclusion of rune magic. Its almost like a runic version of so mote it be.

Congrats your spell is finished. Carefully undo the magic circle and take the talisman on your pocket. Start looking up reliable information regarding weightloss. I recommend talking to your primary care doctor about needing to lose weight and reading The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite by David A. Kessler.

I hope you find this information useful

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