Dyeing for a Baby


This can only be used to your friends, you have to do the charm though,sorry! ( This can work 4 adolescents two, dont recomend it for teens however, side affects!)

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Pacifier 1 Baby bottle 1 Rattle two Baby blankets, Pink and blue The couple A quilt 2 throw blankets Peace and quiet Consentration Water Neckalace using a cross on it 2 Pice of newspapers 2 pencils Tape

Casting Instructions for ‘Dyeing for a Baby’

Set the pink baby blanket on the floor and have the boy sit on it.
Set the blue baby blanket behind the boy and have the woman sit on it with her back to her partners back.
Have the boy hold the baby bottle and the girl hold the rattle.
Put the pacifier between the blankets.
Lay the quilt down near the baby blankets.
Put the neckalace at the middle of the quilt. Pour the water on it.
Give one piece of paper and a pencil to the boy. Have him write on the top:

A baby I wish.

Then have him wright the thing he is holding and the details. Have him write what he is prepared to do for one. The take it and put it face down on the quilt.
Do the same with the woman. Take the papers and rip them , equally so that you can put it back together. Say:

Paper pieces, baby to them _ and_.

Tape the papers back together but make sure that the pieces are mixed up so what the girl wrote is taped together with what he wrote. Make them lay togther on the throw blankets. Make them close their eyes and repeat after you.

1. Girl repeates after you, Baby is wha I wish.
2. Boy repeates after you, Baby is a dream.
3. Make them repeate this together after you, I will kiss and have a baby.

Then make them kiss lightly for 3 seconds. There you go! She’s pregnant!

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