Dragons Blood


This can make you stronger as dragon! Please use it wisely. Cause I have tried it regular, I do one of my spell to test them!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Anything listed in the instructions

Casting Instructions for ‘Dragons Blood’

Let me introduce Dragons Blood :
Dragons Blood is a blood which flow in your blood. It’ll make you stronger as a dragon. How about other skills? Like changing, breating fire, etc.. You need to train hard to do them!
Instructions Started :
Sit down in relax position. Breathe long and take it off again and again. Start to meditate, around 15 minutes, stop it. Now take a record of your blood and an image of dragon blood, dont forget the picture of your blood too. Now, take some blue candles, around 3-4. Light them in front of you and take a blank book.

The book must have at least 38 sheets. If yes, write I need to be half dragon! So mote it be! In all sheets of your book. Then say what you write as many as you compose. Add this : Candles of Blue, Dragons Blood if I have, when I combine 3 of the, the document, and both picture, I will be half dragon, so mote it be!

Blend 3 of them and breathe all smoke comes from the candle till the candle pops off! Chant it every night until you successfully changed. Your blood will getting green. You may check your hands! Your body is nearly stronger as dragon, but use them wisely!
How to train your abilities :

Do Ki Grounding, if you dont know what it is, read another person spells.

Stay focused, now visualise youre flying in the skies.

If you want your wings, so you have to flap your hands up-down while visualising!

If you want to blow a fire, so you must breathe heavily while visualising, in visualising, it may be smoke or fire!

If you wish to find a set of horns, so you must put your hands cupped on where the horns grow and visualise its growing!

If you would like the tail, so lean your body place both hands on your back, while visualising its growing!

If you would like the transform to half dragon or dragon, so you must try all of them, but add this. Place your hands right-left from you, feel them getting aura from Dragons. Receive it as much as possible. Don’t forget to visualise too. Do training everyday to gain them! Dont miss a day!

Side Effects


Bones stretching

Hands and feet turned into claw

Your neck Gets longer

Horns climbing, tails growing, and wings growing

Craving for meat and eat more

Often roaring

Blood turned into green

Your eyes colour change

Sleep longer

Becomes nocturnal

Your body is stronger

Stamina increased

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