Drawing spell


Is there something you want which is just out of your reach? Perform the “Drawing Spell” to pull those desires within your reach!

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Drawing spell’

What You Need:
White Candles
Confectioners Sugar
Use any size candles, but keep in mind that you have to let them burn completely. The bigger the candle, the longer you have to let it burn. The candle size does change the ability of the spell.
Engrave your name on a White Candle. This represents you.
Then use one white candle for each item you would like to attract to yourself.
Engrave your desires on the candles.
(Example: If you would like to attract wealth, engrave wealth on one candle. If you also want to attract love, engrave love on another candle).
Use as many candles as you have desires.
Next, place the desire candles in a circle around the white candle that represents you. So now you’ve got a circle of candles with the you candle in the middle of them.
The Confectioners Sugar is your Drawing Powder. Use the sugar to draw a line from each candle into the you candle.
Light the center you candle.
Now light the circle of candles. While doing so, chant:
Drawn to me
These which I seek
The pull is strong
Resistance is weak
I utilize each with trust
This I vow
Come to me
I call to you
This spell is true
And harms no one
As I will it
It’s done
Let candles burn until they are completely melted.
If any one of those candles goes out before it finishes burning then this is a indication that this one particular desire hasn’t yet been fulfilled. In this case, more spell work is necessary. An option is to repeat the spell and write only that one particular desire on each candle. (Example: When the LOVE candle went out, cast the spell again engraving only LOVE on all the candles. Utilize as many candles as you wish.
CAUTION: Be very careful when using fire!!!!
*Don’t Leave Burning Candles Unattended*

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