Crystal Ruins


This charm is supposed to assist you summon your comfortable, or get in contact with them to ask them questions, or learn what your comfortable is.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Crystal (any kind)
Candle (strongly scented, scent has to match season)
Candle snuffer

Casting Directions for ‘Crystal Ruins’

Light the candle and put the crystal on the left or right side of this candle facing east, then close you eyes and breath in and out in counts of ten. Then once you have done that imagine you are in the mouth of a gigantic cave, you walk inside and see a spiral staircase.Once you reach the bottom you see a pond, you look at the pond and see your familiar. (If you see nothing or just words that don’t make sense try again later, your familiar is not avalible at the moment.) You sit beside the pond and speak with your familiar. (This is the time to ask questions). When you’re done you can finish the session, or go explore your world, no one but you can enter, so you can not be judged for what you have there.There are two ways to end the session.

1. If you were out exploring, return to the mouth of the cave and sit down and slowly return to realitly by breathing in counts of ten on earth.

2. If you didnt research you could do the same thing, or you go down the spiral steps again and sit criss-cross beside the pond and then breathe in counts of ten on earth.

As soon as you’ve been fully awakened, say a prayer to your patron gods and recognizable/ power animal for how thankful you are. Snuff out the candle and DO NOT TOUCH THE CRYSTAL FOR ATLEAST 24 HOURS AFTER SPELL/MEDITATION.

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