Create A Friend Familiar


This spell will give you a familiar. It takes 3 times.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Candle (optional)

Casting Directions for ‘Create A Buddy Familiar’

*This charm will take three days. Three consecutive days. If you forget and skip a day it won’t work and you’ll have to begin all over again. * *Warning: do not attempt to create a large animal familiar, especially if you are a beginner and aren’t using a candle. I did a very small creature once I was analyzing the spell out (and failed since I fell asleep), and it took lots of energy (but I was not using a candle). So if you would like to create a large creature for your familiar, please use a candle, maybe even multiple candles, or use a gemstone you have to draw energy from. Create large familiars at your own risk. * Day One: 1) You can do this at any time of day but I recommend you do it before bed when you’re tired (but not too tired) and relaxed. Find yourself a quiet space and meditate for a moment or so. If you cannot meditate, just close your eyes and focus on your breathing. The moon phase does not really matter but a waxing moon would be greatest. A candle is also optional but it helps to add a better character to your familiar. If you are using a candle here is what character corresponds to what color:

Red: Courageous and strong. Also very passionate and respectful.
Orange: Plenty of energy, achievement and stamina.
Yellow: Confident and charming. Full of wisdom and concentration.
Green: Can bring fortune and success. Helpful with healing.
Blue(Dark): Happy, joyous and very loyal. Also be wise and truthful.
Blue(Light): Very peaceful and serene.
Purple: Powerful and effective. This colour of candle is going to help you in summoning your familiar.
Pink: Full of love and energy.
Black: Determined to banish all evil and negative energy around you.
White: Very protective, honest, and unity. Additionally peace, purification and happiness.
*Thanks to: for the data* 2) Start imagining your energy centered in your heart. It should be glowing bright. Now imagine it spreading outwards into every part of the body. You should now be glowing with inner energy. You should be able to feel it. 3) Clump all that energy into a ball and start creating the shape of the familiar. (if you’re using a candle, imagine the fire of it flowing in a mixing in with your energy). Let me take a crow for instance. Imagine the energy is like clay. First a head extends out. The beak takes shape. The legs and tail grow from this clump of energy. It should now be a glowing shape of your familiar. Start giving your familiar the small details and a 3d form. You have to rotate it in your mind: looking at the front view and rear, under and on top. 4) You are finished creating the form of our familiar. Store your energy in the shape of your familiar deep in yourself so that you can find it tomorrow. *Warning: You may feel a little sick after this (as I did when I did it) especially if you don’t keep your familiar in yourself. Try to relax and suck in energy from the things around you. Everything has energy in it. If you’re unable to borrow energy from other items, just don’t put that much energy in your familiar. Oh, another thing: Do not put each and every particle of your energy to the creation of your familiar! . You have been warned. If you are dumb enough to do so it is not my fault if you die or spend the rest of your day (or night) in agony. Day Two: 1) At about the same time as you did the day before, meditate for a minute before you start. 2) Take the energy comfortable that you made yesterday. Have a moment to check if it’s the same as you left it and none of the energy got lost. 3) On day two you will be adding movement to your recognizable. If you did a crow for example, you want it to be able to flap its wings and open and close its beak. The first step to doing this is to gather your energy as you did day one, but this time, do not gather as much. You just need enough to power its movements. 4) Start sending little bits of energy to the part that you need to have the ability to move. Now imagine that part of the familiar’s body moving. When it’s very slow or does not seem to be moving right, add a bit more energy to it. Make sure you get all the parts of the body. Here’s a list of the main things you should not forget about:

Opening/closing mouth
Moving legs, hand, fingers, and claws/talons
Bending back
Moving tail
Turning head
Flapping wings
5) Once you’re done, store your recognizable in a secure spot again. Day Three: *Caution: This is the toughest part of the spell. If you neglect to do this part (like I did the first time) you’ll fail to create your familiar. If you do fail, distribute the energy you used into the atmosphere. You may try again in case you wish. * 1) As the times before, meditate for a minute. If you have your candle, light it. 2) Take your familiar. It’s okay if it is moving wildly or not moving at all. 3) Gather a great deal of energy. I recommend using energy from things around you too. Just imagine energy flowing out of the things around you. 4) First of all, we’ll be creating your familiar’s heart. Let energy pour into their chest as you inform your familiar (either in your head or out loud) what they are to care about. Once you think you are finished, stop the flow of energy to its center. 5) Imagine the luminous energy in its center and all it spreading like veins in it’s body. Add some of your energy if you want to. 6) Now you must give it knowledge. Imagine your mind opening up and all the knowledge in the form of fog spilling out around your familiar. Allow the fog of knowledge nourish your familiar. Take care not to provide your familiar knowledge. Just share. If your familiar steals any knowledge, just go into it and take it back. You know that you are not giving it your knowledge if your familiar is not sucking some of it up. It should just be soaking itself in the fog. 7) After that is completed, close your knowledge back on your own. Throughout this spell, your familiar has likely had its eyes closed or just staring blankly into space. Before continuing on to open your familiar’s eyes to the world around it, you need to make sure you did everything properly or it may just stay as concentrated energy in the shape of an animal. To see if you did everything right, you just need to imagine your hands wrap around your familiar. You need to be able to feel pulsing, flowing, live energy coming from it. If it’s all still or very slow, and a number of your own electricity and urge your familiar’s energy to flow. You can imagine doing CPR to it if it is needed. 8) To start your familiar’s eyes, begin meditating, but take your familiar into your meditation with you. Try to talk about minds with him/her. Maybe imagine them breathing slowly along with you. 9) Visualize you and your recognizable in some place. Allow the landscape produce itself. It could be a forest or a cave… anywhere. Not in a building or anywhere close to something man made. 10) Once the landscape around you is fully developed, along with your familiar is standing directly in front of you, chant outside: Familiar of mine, all is in line.Energy, body, knowledge.But your eyes can not see.Your life can’t be.I give you your sight,I give you your life.So mote it be. 11) Your familiar should be opening his/her eyes. (Do not decide your familiar’s sex beforehand, he/she already has a sex and his/her personality, you can not change it (okay, perhaps you can change some of your familiar’s personality). You didn’t decide what sex you were, did you?) Once your familiar opens his/her eyes, then they will probably be gazing around at the scenery around him/her. Give them a minute to observe their environment before attempting to speak to them. You can do it out loud (out loud on your mind) or telepathically. If they don’t answer, give them a bit more time before trying again. Once he/she starts talking to you, you should ask them some questions. 12) You’re now done with the spell. Your familiar is created. You may let it explore the world, or keep it near you. Below are a few tips with caring for your familiar.

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