Control an Element


Be able to control one of those “mother elements.” A mom element is one of the four main elements: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. (Note: ingredients change based on your element)

You will need the following items for this spell:

IF YOU WISH TO CONTROL EARTH -One brown or green candle -A lighter or match -Your wand -Moss or a large mass of dirt IF YOU WISH TO CONTROL WIND -One white or light blue candle -A lighter or match -Your wand -The ability to exhale IF YOU WISH TO CONTROL FIRE -One reddish or orange candle -A lighter or match -Your wand -Saliva on your mouth and fingers IF YOU WISH TO CONTROL WATER -One dark blue or dark purple candle -A lighter or match -Your batter -A dropper and a small bowl of water

Casting Directions for ‘Control an Element’

*****Read all directions before casting*****

~Set up everything for the component you selected (Note: you can only do one)
~Now, light your candle (Note: DO NOT touch your candle unless advised once lit)
~Pick up your wand and gently push the tip onto the side of the candle facing you
~Whisper the next spell once (Note: the batter should still be pressing the candle)
“Great element of (name of element) please grant me control of you.
Your character and power shall be with me in everything I do.
I will use my powers wisely, kindly and, please put your trust in me
I wish to control the elemental power of (name of element) so mote it be.”
~Take your moss or dirt and press the fire of the candle with it very hard so it goes out
(Note: When using moss press on the mossy side, not the dirt side into the flame) (Note: If using dirt, use an extremely large, thick and malleable wad, not little pieces that slide through your fingers so you won’t burn yourself)
~Blow out the candle flame with a strong gust of exhalation
~Lick your thumb and pointer finger (Note: make sure they are very spit-y, I know it sounds gross but you want to make sure you extinguish the flame without burning yourself)
~Now press the two fingers together over the flame to put it out
~Stick your dropper into your small bowl of water and squeeze
~Now that there is water in it squirt it at the fire to extinguish (Note: You Might Want to put a paper towel under the candle before starting to cast the spell so you don’t create a mess with the water)

*****After Casting*****

~This spell may not work on the first attempt, do not get discouraged! Many spells don’t. Try casting it every day, and your control over the element will get stronger and stronger. (Note: do not throw twice in a 24-hour period. Try selecting a specific time every day to cast)
You may notice that the component you selected seems to turn up more in your daily life
~You may also notice that it turns up on your dreams
~When dealing with the element you chose, you will probably find that it is easier to work with (ex: if you chose water, swimming may become simpler or more fun)
~This spell’s goal outcome is to give you control over one element, not only enhancing your magical ability in this field but simple magic could be done with your selected element once the power is sufficiently strong. Like I said, don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work the first time, I highly suggest doing it several times.

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