Connect with an Element


This will let you connect deeply with the element of your choice.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Water in a cup
Salt or dirt

Casting Directions for ‘Connect with an Element’

Cast a circle outside in the bud. Go outside and sit down. Light the candle. Create a pentragram in the salt/dirt. Breathe in the Air and meditate for a minute. Speak this chant 3x no errors!

Gods and Goddesses, I gather here tonight on this full/new moon to ask you for a couple of fantasies, and also to thank you for everything you have given me. Please note tonight and bless me with my wish. Earth, Air, Fire, And Water, North, south, east, and west I gather here tonight on this full/new moon to ask you for electricity, and advice and to give thanks for the forces im about to get. Please be here tonight to give me a fresh rebirth with the power of your spirits inside my soul. Watchtowers of the elements of the earth, air, fire, water, and the watchtowers of the north, south, east, west, I ask you to gather here and combine as one so I can thank and get the power and thanks I need. Please grant me this wish. Gods, elements, watchtowers, and coordinates please gather and unite as one to give me the power over these 4 elements. Allow me to bond together and connect with them! From the Earth please grant me to control the element of earth, as I put a pinch of salt in my mouth and rub dirt in my hands I shall unite and control earth. By the air please grant me to control the element of air as the wind blows in my hair and as I breath in 5 times I will be able to control and combine with air, by the fire please grant me to control the element of fire as I pinch out this candle with my own hands I shall combine and control with fire, and last but not least from the water please give me to control the element of water so I can combine and control with water as I stir this cup with salt and drink it shall unite and control water. By the forces and the things I have done I’m worthy, please grant me control when the sky hits 5 am in the morning. This is my will so mote it be

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