Create an Angelic Servant


This is how to make a religious Angelic servant to do your bidding. Awesome for sending blessings or healings.

You will need the following items for this spell:

(for second version) any item you can wear or carry around. A ring or coin, for example.

Casting Directions for ‘Create an Angelic Servant’

Version one: Mission Angelic Servant

This version of the Angelic Servant will be created, execute your intention, and then ether merge with your energy or return to the Realms of Angels.

Go into a meditation the usual way you do. Be sure to cleanse and center yourself.

When you’re ready, see light above you. The light is anywhere above you, and bows down like someone is holding a massive blanket high up. Beyond this is infinite light from the world of the Angels. Heal the Angels singing and feel their presences above.

Now use ether among these visualizations. The first is to visualize a beam shooting down from the light and welling up into a ball in front of you. The next is to see the light moving and a trickle of light drops and is suspended before you, like a massive rain drop.

This ball is Angelic Light, made in the pure Light of origin infused with that of the Angels. See the light as is moves — shimmering, pulsing light, and rippling like water. Try to make the ball as strong and concentrated as possible, and add as much light as you require. Give your servant a name, or ask it what it would like to be called. This world has a consciousness of its own, but is yours to command. It will not have the capability to do anything that is not in the highest good of all, so it is important to tell it that you are it’s master/commander, it’s your servant, and that — if your request not be in the highest good of all — it will perfect it so that it is.

Now think of your intention in precise detail of what you would like to be done and how it should happen, as well as in what order, if any. Think of these things as clearly as possible, and then ship the instructions emotionally into the Angelic Servant. Be careful to include that, once the job is finished, it must return to you and merge itself with your energy completely or go back to the Angelic Realms.

Think of how you can quickly state what you would like in one little sentence, then control it with that sentence. As an example, “Go send ___ A large package of Source Light, return to me and fully combine with my energy.” Or, “Go heal ___ and return to me and fully merge with my energy.” If you would like, add a time limit. For example, “Go send healing to ___ for three days, then return to the Angelic Realms from which you came.”

After you’re finished teaching, emotionally fling the Servant off to do its job.

Version two: Bound Angelic Servant

This version will make an Angelic Servant and bind it to an item (ether by link or possession). Whoever is wearing/carrying or has that thing within three feet of them, the Angelic Servant will work on them.

Link Bound:
Do the meditation in which you create the Angelic Servant, then program it to do what you want. For this example, we’re going to create a healing Angelic Servant. Have your thing in front of you before hand. Watch an energetic cord streaming down from the Servant to the object which you would like it to be jumped to. The cord touches the object, and the energy from it completely fills it. Note that the cord is an extention of the Servant, like an arm, so the Servant is villing the thing with it. The link method permits the Servant to maneuver, while using its energy channeled through the item. While strengthening the cord, send your intention of how far away you will permit the Servant to travel. You can let it go wherever, or maybe only a couple feet away. Make it very clear and sent the intention to the cord. State it clearly (emotionally or verbally), for example, “Servant, you’re permanently bound to the ___ by your cable until release. You may travel to wherever you desire.” Or an alternate ending, “You may never stray more than three feet away in the ___.”

From here, you program the Servant will what you would like. We deliver the intention of what kind of healing we want it to give to whoever gets the object near or on them. Make it clear that it is to only affect those who are NEAR, are WEARING, or are CARRYING the thing — no one else. Also make it clear if it should only affect one person at a time, or more if many are near/touching the thing.

Possession bound:

Follow the directions for Link Bound, but instead of creating a connection, see the Servant really going INTO the object fully and completely. Give it the control, “Servant, you are bound to remain INSIDE this ___ forever until release.”

When you’re finished giving it directions, see a white coating of light covering the item, sealing the Servant in.


Chant to the servant, “Servant, you are now released from ___!” If you did the connection method, Watch its energy draining from the item and the cord slowly retracting and the energy returning to the sphere of the Servant. If you did the ownership method, remove the white layer (by evaporating, draining, shattering, lifting, etc.) completely, and understand the energy of the slave slowly coming from the object. If it is still in the form of the object, that’s fine!

Command the item to ether merge completely with your energy or to return to the Angelic Realms. Do this psychically as well as with a statement. ” Servant, you must now merge completely with my energy,” or “Servant, return to the Angelic Realms from which you came!” Note, you may need to say this more than once.

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