Consulting the Oracle


For those who have developed intuition and learned to trust their clairvoyance, this spell offers a method of having information come to you when it’s needed. Do this through the waxing of, or at, the entire Moon. The Greek goddess of justice Themis, on whom you will call in this spell, in her original form perceived all in the past, the present and the future.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Jasmine or lotus incense
Your divination tools
The contract or papers on which information is needed by you
A chalice containing wine or juice
Two candles in holders

Casting Directions for ‘Consulting the Oracle’

Light the incense. Light the candles, placing them on either side of the chalice. Put your divination tools and papers in between the candles with the chalice above them.

Hold your hands over your divination tools or newspapers and say: Goddess of Justice, Goddess of Law,Bless my working here now, Goddess of Honour, Goddess of Power ,Show me the answer that I seek,Through these tools I bid you talk.

Take three sips of this juice. Do whatever you have to do with your tools shuffle the cards and put them out, lay out the runes, ask your questions of the pendulum.

Sit quietly with the newspapers and if necessaryreread them, knowing the answer will come to you. When you’re finished, stand with your arms raised and say: May the gods be thanked May they aid me with their advice.

The candles don’t have to burn, but can be used for another divinatory spell. You won’t necessarily receive all the information you need instantly, but can expect to receive insights within a period. The spell can be reactivated easily by holding your divinatory tools or the papers and repeating the last 3 lines of the first invocation.

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