Hecate Summoning Prayer


This prayer permits you to muster Hecate so that she’ll take you under her wing and protect you from injury.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Hecate’s Symbol

Casting Directions for ‘Hecate Summoning Prayer’

*WARNINGS: Hecate is as strict as she is kind, so don’t cross her. She can bring along death as she can life. She does not forgive easily and she holds grudges, so beware. Yet, she represents the Triple Goddess and holds enormous power and protection. If you’re on her good side, she’ll shield you against injury and bring along creativity and advice. She’s darkness. She is everything. But do not fear her. Together with the bad comes the good. That is not only apart of Wicca (my faith), but aside of life and magick. So as to bring out the light, we must first be surrounded by darkness. *

It helps if you are in a meditative state when calling on a deity, but you do not have to be. It would help if you have one of your deity’s symbols. As an example, some of Hecate’s symbols are the moon, keys, black, silver, darkness, crossroads, the number three, dogs, etc.. Hecate is easiest to call on at night. Since she represents each phase of the moon, it doesn’t have to be at a particular time of month. Be certain you hold the symbol and focus on it. If it is something which you can’t hold (like the shadow or moon), then concentrate on it wherever it may be. I use the moon for my summoning. Clear your mind and allow the picture of it fill your mind, then begin to relax. You may believe or say the words, “Hecate, mighty Goddess of crossroads, darkness, death, intellect, and the moon, please come to me. Please Hecate, protect me and help me when I’m in danger. Treat me as one of your own and give me all that’s needed. Hecate, surround me into your darkness so that I can bring forth my light” You will most likely feel a presence at this moment, but do not worry, even though Hecate is famous for destruction, it’s not all true. Bear in mind, in order to have life, there has to be death. This is much the event of Hecate.

Hecate- Pronounced Heh-Kah-Tay

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