This spell will provide you minor mind control. If you concentrate on controlling a person’s thoughts and make eye contact, you can make them do something easy, like give you something they’re holding, or go away, or tell something to a friend.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Eye-shaped glass bead, eye carved into rock, or other three-dimensional eye charm Eggshell with egg eliminated (poke a sizable hole in the shell, use a pin to break the yolk and pour out the egg) Hand towel Water A bowl

Casting Instructions for ‘Compulsion’

Fill the bowl with water. Wet the hand towel, then hold the eye charm in your hands. Say:

Give me the power to change minds
If I concentrate on control
My eyes will put them in a daze
And stare right into their soul.

I will have control of their thoughts
And can make them do something
Like show a newspaper, or leave behind
Their favourite golden ring.

I will not steal
Or make people end their life,
I’ll only do what is necessary
And never cause any strife.

Just as earth is burnt by fire
And the wind blows over the sea
Four components
This is my will, so mote it be!

Now break the eggshell and drop the pieces in the water.

Wet the towel and put it over your eyes while focusing on controlling somebody. Do what you imagine youd do while trying to control somebody. Perhaps visualize their mind as an orb of blue light, then tendrils of your white light (or you can choose the colours) catch it and turn it white for a moment. Or maybe imagine vines wrapping around a tree. Do whatever you want to do to use compulsion. After a minute or so of doing so, remove the towel. Keep the eye appeal in a safe, secret spot, as though it’s destroyed, your compulsion is gone. When you get your compulsion, try doing the thing you did when you did the spell. This is probably how it’ll work for you.

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