Choose what you dream


You can choose what you dream. You won’t lucid dream, this is choosing what you will dream about.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Belief in this spell
A soft toy (optional for it to be linked to the fantasy)
Going to go to bed in another under 5 hours

Casting Directions for ‘Pick what you dream’

1. Find a toy. It could be suitable for the dream, e.g. Cat in a dream with a cat inside, a creature linked to a song if you want it to play in a dream, etc.. Take it to bed when you go to bed, and maybe cuddle it.

2. Imagine the dream. Focus on the story.

What is going to happen?

Who will you be?

What will you be?

Can you have special abilities?

What, who, and what abilities does everyone else have?

Where is it?

What does the place look like?

What will your and everyone elses voice sound like?

Who will die (if you or anybody else dies it will have no impact on real life)?

Think about all of these. If it’s already a story in your head, replay it again and again, and bits youve missed out will come along from the dream.

3. Say this spell once, or if you have a story, think and think about it, and say the spell after this one:

In my dream, this will happen: I’m called (what you want to be called). I will be (how old you wish to be) years old. My species are a(n) (species you would like to be). My (say hair, fur, scales, feathers or skin, if skin applies to animals) colour(s) will be (say the colour(s) you need). My voice will be (if it is similar to somebody who you know, or about YouTube, or if they have a nickname but you dont know their real name, etc..


My voice will be like (person).

If it isn’t from someone you know, just say the description of this, and imagine it in your head. If it’s your own voice, state:

My voice is going to be my own voice). This is what shall happen: (describe what’s going to happen or believe it in mind).

4. If you have the story on your head, think about it. Hard. Say this spell:

This story will occur. I know who Ill be. My fate won’t influence my life, it is going to affect my dream. Allow me to feel the dream as if it is real, this is a dream to come true in dream.

Now think who you want to be. Consider everything I mentioned earlier. If there are a lot of people or you cant think of enough voices, or titles, your dream will make them up for you.

5. This should hopefully work. You have to believe. Hug your soft toy also. Consider the dream before going to bed. Hope it works, I will try it. If you die in it but there’s dialogue after you die, you may in effect, see it as a spectator. You will only experience pain in the dream if you decide to.

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