Colors of Power


Let you understand and control the colors of Electricity

You may need the following items for this spell:

Alone Time

Casting Instructions for ‘Colors of Power’

To control the colors you must first know what they are, what they mean, and how they effect you.

To most people when you look you see nothing but what’s there although at your. If you look closer you’ll see extremely small dots of different colors. There more than the illusion of you eyes, these are the very energys which make life how it is. It is possible to produce it with your mood and it’ll influence others moods as well.

The meaning and impact of colours:
Red: Power;Anger, feeling powerful
Blue: Knowledge; Calm; fundamental energy of magic
Green:Jelosy; Over shadowed
White: Love; Happy, In control
Purple: Wisdom; has no sense, only represents your state of mind

To unlock your eyes to see these(although for some it comes naturally) it is best if you meditate at night, somewhere comfortable where you can lean back. Close your eyes look for something not black, most the time their moving. It can take a few trys or even at night. Usually in the middle of your eyes you may see changing contours, they all mean something. As soon as you’ve got it down you can see them anytime you recall they exist.

To restrain them hold out your hand like your holding a very delicate ball(If you have seen how they hold magic on skyrim) and imagine their in a ball pit shifting around to get to your hand. It requires concentration to get it into a ball(be shore it’s just one colors at a time. When you think you have enough you may launch it at a target or take it for yourself y simply pushing it I to you chest. This art will take lots of practice to get right.

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