Change Your Future


The way to change your own destiny.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Small Mirror Water Pot

Casting Instructions for ‘Change Your Future’

Roses First Words are your prospective ritual
What you need:
* A cooking pot
* Water
* A mirror
Step 1: Fill the cooking pot with water.
Step 2: Setup a basic altar.
Step 3: Put the pot of water at the
Centre of your altar, and put your
Hands on both sides of it.
Step 4: Close your eyes and ask 1
Question about your own future.
Any question you desire.
Step 5: Then say:
My query is posed. Water, water,
be my eyes. Show me my future, make
the answer rise.
Step 6: Hold the mirror close to your
heart, with both hands.
Step 7: Ask your question again.
Step 8: Put the mirror in the water
and say:

My question is posed, two-fold.
Mirror, mirror, be my guide. Reveal
My future, show me the ride.

Step 9: Open your circle.
Step 10: Now, you have 3 options.
(1) Walk around outside, anywhere
There are other people.
(2) Switch on the TV…
(3) Turn on the radio.
STEP 11: The first words/sentences you
Hear spoken, will immediately apply to
Your question, and will give you the
answer you seek.
If it doesnt make sense at first, just
Take a few minutes to consider how
What you heard applies to your query.
The solution is there…
Not only is this very accurate, but
its fun!
You can do this as often as you like,
But the catch is: it only works well
With 1 question daily.
And again. . .to actually change your
Future, to one youve always dreamed:
Ive laid out all of the steps for you

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