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Information on divination with candles both tapers and seven day novena candles.

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Casting Directions for ‘Candle Divination’

The art of Ceromancy or divination with candles has different kinds to it. The studying of the pictures candle wax makes in water OR th way a candle burns. The way a candle burns is actually called Lychnomancy or La Lingus Delle Candelle, “the language of the candle.”

As this is about Ceromancy this is what I will dicuss first then I will discuss Lychnomancy later on. Ceromancy is when the witch lights a candle and then drips wax from the candle into a bowl of water. Then the witch would search for images that form in the wax in the water. It’s that easy.

One can probably use the candle color that is suitable depending on the question. Pink for love, green for cash, brown for your home, etc.. Although it was traditional for you to use darker candles because the darker candle wax is easier to see in the water.

One Italian System of ceromancy is recorded in Judika Illes, The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, 2004 (p. 307)

Bind two tapers–not dripless beeswax candles. Place standing in a bowl of water. Place in the water, nettle leaves,cumin seeds, three rose hips, and a couple of sprigs of rue.

Light the candles. Observe the wax dripping into the water that is chilly. Interpret any contours formed by the hot wax solidifing from the cold water. The best interpretation of what a shape is and what it means is up to you.

Here are the common image meanings found in Ceromancy:

AEROPLANE – A trip of a disappointment
ANCHOR – Your loved one is true

BABY – Troubles are coming
BALL or BALLOON – Your problem will not last very long
BEANS – Money difficulties
BED – A vacation would be good for you
BELLS – A wedding
BIRD – News will reach you shortly
BRIDGE – Take a chance
BROOM – Make a change

CANDLE – Spiritual growth
CAT – A friend is false
CHAIN – Go ahead with your plans
CIRCLE – Reconciliation
CLOUD – Something or somebody threatens you
CROSS – Do not fear for you are protected
CROWN – Sickness
CUP – Bitter quarrel with a friend

DOG – Your self-esteem is too low

EAR – Be alert for an opportunity to progress in your work
EGG – New developments shortly

FAN – A surprise is in store for you
FEATHER – The problem will be solved
FISH – Someone will betray you

GHOST – Someone from the past is looking for you
GRASS – Good fortune is approaching

HAT – A change of location is indicated
HEART – A friendship will become love
HOUSE – Better times are coming

KEY – A setback in programs should be anticipated
KITE – Your wish will come to naught

LADDER – Take steps to change your attitude toward an old friend
LEAF or LEAVES – Things will be changing soon
LION – An unpleasant situation is developing

MOON – Indicates more money
MOUNTAIN – Good friends are willing to help you

PANTS – You will be enticed
PEN – Expect a letter from a comparative
PIN – Your lover may be drawn to another
PIPE – Peace and relaxation

RING – Marriage may be possible in the near future

SCISSORS – Separation
SHOE – Be suspicious of a new acquaintance
SNAKE – Be on guard against an enemy
SPIDER WEB – Pleasant happenings
STAR – Happiness
SUN – Good fortune

TABLE – An abundance of blessings
TREE – A good time for new undertakings

UMBRELLA – Trouble is coming

WALKING STICK – Get out of the house and visit friends
WHEEL – One who has been away will return soon
WITCH – Danger will pass you by
WORM – Business issues ahead if you are not careful

This system of candle interpretation is used by some Voodoo, Hoodoo and Santeria practitioners to monitor effectiveness of candles used in magickal workings. Dealing with candles can be very practical and effective and readily hidden if you want to.
I personally like working with seven day candles because I find it easier to see them simpler then tapers. These are the basic guidelines understood by many practioners and sites. If you decide to try one of these techniques let me know what you think and any personal experiences.

These generally refer to the burning of “7 day candles” that can either be in glass or occasionally free-standing.

The candle explodes
There are two distinct ways to interpret this. If it is a protection or reversing candle it means that the candle protected something from astrally attacking you or Plenty of negative energy has been directed towards

Candle does not burn
If the candle is a prosperity or protection candle, this means that other type of religious cleansing must be done before the onset of this spell to remove the negativity of this environment before proceeding.
If the candle is being used for binding then another sort of spell must be used.

The candle has a high flame
The spell is going to work and work fast. If for protection or prosperity,the environment is clear of negativity. If for a binding, defensive or protective use, you’ll most likely see quick results since they don’t have spiritual protection .

The candle has a low flame
In reference to prosperity and luck,cleanse your environment. In regards to binding and defensive spells, they are resisting due to a strong spirit and it’ll be awhile before you see results. It’s suggested that you try
Another spell in combination with the present one to see quicker results.

The candle burns off the glass completely black
If after the candle burns down the entire glass is black, it is thought to imply that negativity or witchcraft has been directed towards you. Cleansing your environment and lighting a Placing candle should do the
trick. If it occurs when burning a candle to bind someone who you feel is harming you it suggests stopping because it can possibly turned back on you.

A former member Posted May 10, 2009 11:11 AM Link to this reply
Post #: 805 The candle burns the top half of the glass

If only the top portion of the glass burns black this means that the spell was originally met with negativity before it started to work.

The candle burns off the bottom half of the glass back
If it’s a candle for luck or prosperity, negativity was sent your way and the candle detected it. If used to bind or for defensive purposes, the soul of the individual was alerted and reversed the spell.

The candle burns just on one side
This means that the spell will only be part way effective. This means that the wrong candle or candle dressing was used.

The glass cracks
If used for self-protection,this means that the candle broke the negativity in the environment. This may also mean witchcraft or the presence of secret enemies. If being used to bind, it means the security of the person was broken.

The candle flame crackles
If for self-protection it means that someone is talking about you and has bad intentions geared towards you. If being used to bind, it means the person is thinking about you.

If the candle has over 1 flame
The middle or main flame represents you. If used for protection each one besides the center one represents an enemy. If being used to bind or for self-defense, it means that the man is being helped by other men and women.

The candle flickers
When a candle flame flickers, this signifies the presence of spirits. Note: Be sure that there aren’t errant and mundane explanations such as a ceiling fan, before assuming this.

The entire top of the candle including the wick is on fire
This means that the spell has been fought off by guardian spirits but more than likely, the spell will be successful.

The candle flame goes out during the spell
If the spell is for protection this means that while the job was being performed, witchcraft has been directed your way and your spirits or wards were not able to fight it off. If directed towards another their spirits could fight the binding off and have alarmed the person. Another sort of spell or mix of spells must be performed.

Can a candle be extinguished and then lit again after?
Just a candle being used to bring prosperity or success to an individual may be extinguished before it has completely burned. If being used to bind someone, the candle fire must never be placed out or the spell will not work generally speaking. The guardian spirits of another individual will then have enough time to prepare and reverse it back on to you.

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Post #: 806 how can you put a candle flame out?
Putting a plate over the flame thus allowing the flame to extinguish itself naturally or use a candle snuffer.

Imagine if a candle is extinguished and then relights itself?
This means that your guardian spirits do not want you to turn off the candle since they’re detecting something bad or good for you. If the candle is extinguished they can’t assist you effectively.

Imagine if a 7 day candle burns out before seven days?
This means that the spell is working quickly and another candle must be lit immediately. Money is coming about wealth spells, a lot of negativity about reversing spells and in spells of harm, that the people spirit is fighting it off but it will shortly be successful.

What will make a candle spell operate more efficiently?
Using the appropriate incense, oils, herbal bath, capsules, powders etc..

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