Easy Candle Money Spell


This is a rather simple candle spell to draw good fortune and fortune.I tried to make it simple and to the point.

You will need the following items for this spell:

3 caps of pre-made High John the Conqueror Oil 3 caps of lavender oil 3 caps of bayberry oil 3 caps of cinnamon oil 1/4 tsp gold or silver magnetic sand 1 little lodestone 1 bottle for oil 1 candle, green or red preferably 1 lighter or matches Safe place to burn candle for long period of time dividing instrument, like a pocket knife

Casting Directions for ‘Easy Candle Money Spell’

In a glass or plastic jar, mix together the following:

3 caps of pre-made High John the Conqueror Oil
3 caps of Lavender oil
3 caps of bayberry oil
3 caps of cinnamon oil
1/4 tsp gold or silver magnetic sand
1 small lodestone

Note: You may add a few drops of food coloring as color affects magic. Green is typically utilized for FAST luck, while red could be used for lasting wealth. Shake the bottle really well. (Store the bottle in a cool, dark place such as a closet to prevent light. Light breaks down oils with time.)

If left handed, your magic hand is your left hand. Your poorer hand is the right. And, the opposite is true for right-handed people. If ambidextrous, pick the hand you write with.

Using a sharp tool, carefully carve money symbols and the dollar amount desired from top to bottom, so that when the candle burns, the letters are consumed in the correct order. Also, carve your name, top to bottom. For instance, I used the pentagram on the cover of the candle. On this sides, I carved the names of deities that are connected with money. As an example, Tyche and Fortuna.

Take the magic oil jar and pour a small amount of oil on your dominant hand. Set the green candle in your weak hand in the center of your palm. I use my fingers to grip the candle while anointing it with oil. Be sure to work from top to bottom, focusing on your objectives as well as the dollar amount needed. The entire candle should be thinly anointed with money drawing oil, including the top and bottom.

Set the candle in safe location, preferably in a secure container like a lantern. Enclosed holders have to be vented on top for the warmth and magic to flow in the air.

Tyche, Tyche, Tyche,(tie-kee), goddess of wealth…I call upon you, blessed be! Glory to your name and to your fame. Blessed goddess, please look upon me favorably.

(You may choose your own deity. . .repeat three times, then move…

Next, recite the following: “Goddess, bless me, three times three. Bring unto me good fortune and prosperity. Blessings come quickly to finish my poverty, and to vanquish my distress. Harm it, so mote it be.

Light the candle and let it burn down to a puddle. I suggest keeping the wax in a closet to keep attracting wealth and great luck.

How long does it take to manifest? Whenever the god or goddess pleases. Typically, I will tell within three days if a money spell is working.

Give it one full moon cycle to be sure. If it does not work, try it again with a different deity. I also make my own mojo bags with flannel, lodestones, magnetic sand, and money drawing oil and carry them in my purse and place one under my pillow.

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