Building up Magick Belief


This is to help you build up your magick belief.

You will need the following items for this spell:

I’ll Explain In The Instructions Read This Whole Ritual Before You Do It

Casting Instructions for ‘Building up Magick Belief’

Step 1: Locate some timewhere you’ve got some peace and quiet. Find a place you’ll have the ability to make dark (dont make the room dark yet,but find a room you will be able to produce dark when we get to that part).
Step 2: Now, I would like you to locate a candlethat you feel you. It could be one of your favorite color. . .or it could be one that when you pick it up you feel something special-it feels right. Most imortantly, you will need to check at this candle like it’s an extension of your heart and soul. I know it sound funny, but I am serious. Take as long as you will need to discover the perfect candle for you.
Step 3: Take the candle,and sit in a comfortable position on the floor. Place both of your hands round the candle, and hold it on your lap. Now, I would like you to clear your mind and slow your breathing. Take long, deep, even breathes. Relax. When you are relaxed, I would like you to consider your past and present. I would like you to think about who you are as a person-how you feel, how you think, what problems you have, and what you truly love in life. As you think of your true self, and who you really are as a person-I would like you to think those ideas into your candle. Visualize every thought you have moving to the candle. . .if it helps, you can visualize a white puffy jet flow travelling away from your head, and to the candle in your hands. Focus on this for a few minutes (or longer), youll know when youve put enough of yourself into the candle.
Step 4: Now, in the room, I want you to build an altar. Tis could be something as straightforward as a little stool or even a chair. You may get as ornate as you want to get, but anything will do.
Step 5: Next, place the candle in the candle holder and set on your altar in the room. Light the candle.
Step 6: Now, I want you to turn off the lights, close the curtains, and make a dark room. This dark room represents the clarity of emptiness and the candle represents all that you are.
Step 7: Sit on the ground in front of your altar and burning candle and concentrate on the flame. Visualize the Magick energy in this candle being released into the darkness and emptiness all around you.
Step 8: Close your eyes and feel your Magick energy filling the room-starting in the floor, up the walls, to the ceiling. Feel the warmth starting to construct the room.
Step 9: In your mind bring an idea of complete belief in yourself and the Magick energy which fills the room-the Magick energy that YOU just sent out. Put aside any bad things that have happened to you in the past. . .cast them aside they dont matter at the moment. Grab hold of everything that is great in life, everything you’ve accomplished, and everything that is possible for you with the powers you were born with. Think in what your heart tells you. Think about all the people in this world that accomplished things with Magick-psychics, fortune tellers, witches, etc; the exact same Magick that lies within you. You are not different then they are, and if you think in your Magick, and all the amazing wonders it can bring you-there is nno stopping the gorgeous things that you can accomplish in your life and the lives of your loved ones.
Step 10: Continue focusing with this belief in yourself and in your Magick for no less than 7 minutes (the longer, the better). Build up the belief until you forget you ever had a single doubt in the past. Adfmit to yourself that you’re special, and are full of Magick as much as any other individual on this earth…
Step 11: Now, open your eyes and look around you. Take 3 deep breathes, and snuff out the candle.

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