Candle Wax Scrying


Candle wax scrying is a sort of divination.

You will need the following items for this spell:

One clear bowl (color does not matter, unless you wish it to. Red/pink for love, blue for clear mindedness, green for career/money associated or fortune, ect.) Candle (again, color does not matter unless you want it to) Water to fill the bowl Lighter/Matches Sage stick, or incense you use for cleansing (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Candle Wax Scrying’

First, youre going to need to wash your bowl Yes, cleanse your bowl. If you don’t have something to use for cleansing, thats okay.

If you don’t have sage/incense: Youre going to need to hold the bowl in your hands and close your eyes. Visualize all negative energy flowing from the bowl. Say a passage or something you’ve writted to cleanse the bowl. It can be as simple as:

I cleanse and purify this bowl completely and rid of all negative energies in this object. For those who have a diety you work with for divination (such as Apollon for Hellenes), you can continue to state in the name of [their name].

Should you have sage/incense: Light the sage or incense. Let the smoke wrap itself all around the bowl. Say your passage for cleansing, or repeat the above passage to cleanse the bowl.

After you’re done with that, you wont need the sage or incense if you don’t desire. If not needed, extinguish.

Fill your bowl with water. Have your question ready, and light your candle. Be certain to tilt your candle to the side, so that the wax is leaking into the water. Dont rest your arm on the table. Keep your arm stable (its going to burn!) And also make sure it doesnt move. This part is going to take some time, so prepare yourself. Allow the wax drip for however long you feel is required. Mainly a giant wax blob forms in the bowl, and there are other small blobs of wax floating in the bowl. This is usually a great sign. If a blob doesnt form, that’s perfectly okay.

As soon as you feel that youve allow the wax drip long enough, extinguish your candle.

The next thing you need to search for in the bowl, is images. Something of importance towards you. In the event that you were divining something for love, you would look for a heart, or something in the shape of a person (or maybe even two individuals together). Keep looking for something that pops out to you the most. This is the key for the answer, since you will not get words.

After you are done, scoop the wax out of the bowl and do exactly what you wish to it. I would recommend you dispose of the water in the grass outside.

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