Balancing your Energies


This spell principally uses the energy of the earth and of candles. The spell can be performed either during the day if you particularly appreciate the light, or at night when you honour the Moon. Often it is a good idea to perform it outside as an appreciation of energy returning to the earth.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Fresh flowers for your sacred space Single white flower Bowl of water large enough to hold the flower Green and yellow candles Jasmine or rose incense

Casting Instructions for ‘Balancing your Energies’

Prepare your sacred space as usual, making sure you use loads of fresh flowers to -decorate. Float the single white flower in the bowl of water, believing all the time of its attractiveness. Light the candles, thinking the while of Mother Natures energies’ freshness. Light the incense and become aware of the differing perfumes made.

Quietly think about the cycle and power of Nature. Stand with your feet about 18 inches apart. Become aware of your connection with the earth, mentally reaching towards the centre-through the soles of your feet.

Feel the energy rising through you towards the light. Reach towards the light and feel its energy moving downwards through you. Let those energies mingle with those of the -ground. Allow the new energies to swirl around and through you, cleansing, balancing and healing.

Lady of flowers and powerful new life
Be born afresh tonight.

When you feel refreshed ground yourself by running your hands over your body from head to toe. Sit quietly for a short while and contemplate how you’ll use your new energy. Finally, allow your energy to settle in your solar plexus.

This spell is designed to replace old stale energy with -new vital force. You should come away feeling-refreshed and invigorated. Although this spell has-similarities to rituals to Ostara, the single white-flower also represents the Moon and therefore-feminine energy.

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