Bring the Goddess forth


Here’s a spell to invoke Hecate, the dark goddess of witchcraft and Sorcery. The formula for the spell is of my devising but the incantation is from the famous sorcerer, Allister Crowley.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A white candle
A Bell
A knife or Wand

Casting Instructions for ‘Bring forth the Dark Goddess’

First, Produce total darkness for yourself, taking in its energy power. Become relaxed, and prepare to let the Dark goddess and her power into your heart. Then, after several minute, light the candle with a single stroke of the game or click of the lighter. Take in the flames light, and heat. Look how it flickers and dances in the shadow. The take the bell in one hand and the knife/wand from the other and face the north. Strike the bell thrice with your Wand/knife and chant the Incantation as so:

O triple type of darkness! Somber splendor! Thou moon unseen of men! Thou huntress dread! Thou crowned demon of the crownless dead! O breasts of blood, too bitter and too tender! Unseen of spring, Let me the offering. Bring to thy shrine’s sepulchral glittering! I slay the swart beast! I bestow the blossom Sown in the dusk, and gathered in the gloom Under the waning moon, At midnight hardly lightening the East; And the black lamb from the black ewe’s dead womb I bring, and stir the slow infernal tune match for thy chosen priest. Here where the ring of Ocean breaks the street Black-trodden, deeply-stooping, to the abyss, I shall salute thee with the nameless kiss Pronounced toward the uttermost abode Of thy ultimate desire. I will illume the fire Whence thy wild stryges shall comply with the lyre, Whence thy Lemurs shall gather and spring around, Girdling me in the sad funereal ground With faces turned back ,My face averted! I will consummate The awful act of worship, O renowned Stress upon earth, and dread in hell, and black Panic from the skies beyond Fate! I hear the whining of thy wolves! I hear The howling of the hounds about thy form, Who comest from the terror of thy storm, And night falls faster, ere thine eyes appear Glittering through the mist. O face of woman unkissed Save from the deceased whose love is accepted ere they wist! Thee, thee I call! O dire one! O divine! I, the only mortal, seek thy deadly shrine, Pour the dark flow of blood, A weary and reluctant river Even as thou drawest, with thine eyes on mine, To me across the sense-bewildering flood That holds my soul for ever!

Then, using a single breath, blow out the candle and wait. Lurking in the darkness you may see a darkness more darker then the shadows around you. You might feel a presence of fear and power. This shadow may take the shape of a woman or dog. If you see any of these items then the dark goddess, and mistress of all magick has come.

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