Bring You a Lover


This is. It came to me, the spell just popped into my mind much. It should help make back a love intrest like you, but I am not 100% sure if it works please rate and DM me your results. Blessed Be 🙂

You will need the following items for this spell:

•Clear voice
•A Rose Quartz to hold (optional)
•Alone in a room

Casting Directions for ‘Bring a Lover to You’

First cross your legs and sit upright with your hands in your lap. Consider your crush, what you want to gain from this spell, and why you like them. Focus on you. Next, chant: ‘Goddess Hecatae, hear my plea. Bring [Full Name to me of your Crush]. May our hearts join this my will, in love, so mote it be!] Chant this four times, or how many times you feel works for you. Take cup your hands, as if to send the charm, raise them to blow and your mouth. You should see results. [Notes:] •Hecatae is pronnounced: Heck-ah-Tay •You can say Goddess Aphrodite or any other God or Goddess you feel a connection with instead, I feel a bond with Goddess Hecatae, but this varies for everybody. •You should feel a wave of euphoria coming you over after casting. I wish you safe casting and Happiness

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