Bloody Mary Eternity Death


To get bloody Mary to encase your victim, and to kill them over and over until one breaks the spell, witch that the person needs to destroy the mirror and burn off the picture.

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 Red Candles 2 Black Candles 2 White Candles (optional) 2 Gray Candles A few handfuls of black/dark red roses or rose petals A picture of your victim(s) His or her blood (just a few drops) and your A handful of rosemary (leaves or/and flowers) Dragon’s blood (leaves) Myriad (leaves/flowers) A Mirror

Casting Directions for ‘Bloody Mary Eternity Death’

Gather up the ingredients, put the mirror on the floor where no light can get though, place the two red and the two black candles to the left of the mirror, and light them. Place the two grey candles and the two white candles to the right, and light them. Scatter the roses or petals around the mirror. While you do this say a chant; Mary, Mary, you have been buried, down deep in the ground, for what you did, never let this stop you, never let this. Place the myriad in the front of the mirror, and the rosemary, dragons blood. Put the picture of your victim(s) on top of the mirror, slowly drip the blood on the picture. While doing this, state this spell; Mary, Mary, here my damn scream, come and take away this life, you can play it at any cost, simply take this poor soul away, now Mary. You will hear. Just be aware, she will get what she want. Allow the candles burn, leave them where you have them.

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