Bind a Person Away From You


A safe spell to produce a person leave your life forever.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A small square piece of paper
Purple yarn
White or black yarn
Black Ink pen
Purple ink pen
Person’s name

Casting Instructions for ‘Bind a Individual Away From You’

First, draw on a purple pentacle on the piece of paper. Then, write the persons full name in black in the center of the pentacle. If you want, you can draw any religious symbols on the paper as you wish. Then, take the bottom right corner of the paper and fold it up into the upper left corner. You should find a triangle. Fold this in half to get a smaller triangle. Fold this little triangle in half time.

Now, take your purple and white string and tie it up, saying, I bind you, (persons name), with purple, black, and white, please o please, just leave my life. Leave me now, make my life better, make your life better, forever and ever. Take the paper and hold it to your third eye, saying, To be protected from you, this magick charm I shall do. I bind thee away from me, please o please just protect me. To be protected from your harm, I herby now cast out this charm. Say this three to nine times.

Now, put it on the ground and stomp on it with your right foot nine times. Now you can bury it, burn it, or keep it with you or on your altar. I recomend doing all three for maximum results. While burning or burying it, imagine them leaving your life forever, while chanting, (Persons title), please leave my life, improve both our lives more than ever before. So mote it be. Then they need to be gone within a week or so. Both of your lives must benefit to them departing, and no one gets hurt!

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