Annoying Neighbor Move Away


4 Different spells to make someone move away. In these spells will cause an annoying neighbor to move away from you

You will need the following items for this spell:

Parchment paper
Photo of the selected one (If possible)
Small jar with a lid
Green candle
Dirt that is regular or graveyard dirt

Casting Directions for ‘Annoying Neighbor Move Away’

Spell # 1 Moves away When the moon is in a Phase that is Waning, write on white parchment paper the entire name of the person you want to move, along with birth date. Roll up the paperput inside a bottle of vinegar, then toss into a body of running water, visualize your enemy as the jar is washed away moving away. Move Spell # 2 Get bottle or a jar with a lid away. On a sheet of paper draw a house with a big X thru it. Write their name. Fill the jar with 4 thieves cap vinegar and then toss into a moving body of water.

It is also possible to intensify this with splashing War Water on their porch and their exterior door knobs. As you do this…. Visualizing them packed up and moving…. Driving down the road away from their house.

Go far away Spell #3 Locate a green candle, one large enough to burn off 30 minutes a day for at least a week. Make up a short chant something like this find a much better place to stay. A place where you will be happy, I will be happy, and all around you will be happy. A better place to stay, an affordable place, a wonderful place. Neighbors that are bothersome go away. Itd be better to make up your own, especially if you can customize it . Just allow it to be positive and upbeat. The idea here is that you are helping these people find something greater than they have now and helping yourself at the exact same time to peace and quiet. Youll also need something two and paper draw with. Each night light your candle (cast a circle first in the event you want one), imagining the fire as a spark in their mind which will lead them to another residence. Sit an stare down into the fire for 5-10 minutes concentrating that they find a new, better place to live where they’ll be happy and frighten no one. Take up your pen and paper while chanting your chant, and draw. Stick figure artwork is okay if that is the best you can do. The first night draw your neighbors (current) home with them doing the annoying kinds of things they do. Make it complete if its easy art. Put in windows the trees, and such. When you’re done, wait concentrating on the candle flame and your goal. Fold up the paper and tear it to small shreds. Put your candle out (and close your circle in the event that you created one. Save the torn scraps of paper. Repeat the ritual, but the artwork will change. Draw them happy and excited before their house — because theyve found a better one. For the rest of the week, draw them carrying various stuff out of their current house (as if they were moving). The key thing here is only show there residence. You dont want to restrict possibilities by drawing on on them a new house. Once youve done place of the scraps of paper and a number of the tail end of the candle in an envelope and bury it or hide it on the property line between yours and their place. If you will need to keep the envelope small, you need to include a percentage from each if youve used large sheets of paper. Go far away Spell This spell needs to be done during a Waning Moon. The day and time does not matter. Gather all of your supplies. Pour to the bowl. Place the candle. (Use a candle holder if using a taper, a pillar candle will stand on its own. Focus on the person and light the candle you would like to move. Repeat the incantation three times:

Sand from lands I will remain us Both, happy and far away name will go will be much from me With name.

Deliver the individual for seven days in a row some of the sand. You can use the email but youll need to deliver it yourself on Sunday. Just stick it in their mailbox you dont have to hand it the person or lay it.

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  1. Are there any spells where I can use just their first name, I have tried getting their full name for two years, this guy threatened to kill me and I want him gone. I have tried repeating it but my land lord does nothing and have no evidence to get him in trouble with the police I am honestly terrified of this guy


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