Basic Herbs for a Witches Cabinet


These are a few of the basic herbs that one should have in their cabinet at all times.

You may need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Basic Herbs for a Witches Cabinet’

CATNIP: Useful in love, beauty, and happiness charms and drawing positive vibrations and good luck to you and to your residence.

CEDAR CHIPS: Useful in healing, purification, protection, and
money-drawing spells.

CHAMOMILE: Useful in spells for luck and gambling also. Also great as a tea to help one sleep. Can combine with a little Lavender for helping as a sleeping tea.
CINNAMON: Used for money and success or to use as a healing charm.

CLOVES: Their magickal properties include banishing evil,
Clearing your mind, security, love, and money. Using cloves on your magickal spells is said to make certain that your magickal intention is accomplished.

COPAL: Is a resin that’s great for purification and love.

DRAGONS BLOOD: A resin used for love, protection, exorcism, and potency. Burneas an incense with the windows opens will drive out all negativity. A pinch of this resin in any incense will increase the incenses power. To quiet a noisy housepowder some dragons blood, mix it with sugar and salt, and place in a bottle. Cover this mixture closely and secur eit inside your home somewhere where it will not be disturbed and it’s said you’ll have peace and quiet.

EUCALYPTUS: A herb I use a lot for healing. Also can be used for security.

FRANKINCENSE TEARS: A rsin I use a great deal in my workings both in it’s raw form and as an oil. Used for protection, exorcism, and spirituality. Also used in hoodoo to increase the magic of your candles or other workings by increasing their energies that you have charged them with. Add this oil to some other oil to boost it’s potency.

LAVENDER FLOWERS: Lavender has been used for protection, chastity, longevity, purification, and happiness. Great in a tea to help bring on sleep. Can be combined with Chamomile for this reason.

MUGWORT: Mugwort can be used as an incense, mixed in equal portions
With Sandalwood, to help in strengthening Psychic Powers. Another easy recipe for assisting with scrying, especially dealing with spirits, is mixing equal portions of Mugwort and Wormwood together although this version doesn’t smell as well as the Sandalwood. Other uses include durability, protection, prophetic dreams, and healing.

MYRRH: Myrrh is a fantastic herb to use in spells for spirituality, protection, healing, and exorcism.
It is often combined with Frankincense to increase its power.
Burn as an incense to purify a room. Use the smoke from the incense to purify and bless charms, amulets, talismans, magickal jewelry, tools, etc..

PEPPERMINT: Peppermint is use for purification, sleep, love, healing, and psychic abilities. Fresh peppermint on the altar calls good spirits to you to assist you in your magic.

ROSE BUDS/PETALS: These are wonderful for use in spells to draw
Love. Use red for passionate love. Use pink or white for romantic or true love. You can even set a single rose in a vase on your altar as a powerful love drawing aid. Rose buds/petals may also be used for psychic abilities, especially when used for a tea, and also for healing, protection, and luck.

ROSEMARY: This is a wonderful all-purpose herb that you can’t
afford to be without! Rosemary can be used as a substitute for virtually any herb. It’s powers include lust, love, protection, exorcism, purification, healing, longevity, youth, mental powers, and sleep.Rosemary is a amazing incense. Smoulder a bit of it to emit powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations and to rid negativity in the region in which it is burned. Especially helpful to burn before performing any magic. Place a bit of rosemary under your pillow to ensure a great night’s sleep. Wear rosemary to assist your memory especially when you are studying for an exam. Add an extract of rosemary to your bathwater to perserve youthfulness and to purify you. Carry a little bit of rosemary with you to remain healthy.
Hang a sprig of rosemary above your door posts.

SAGE: Sage is useful for healing, protection, wealth, fulfilling wishes, and spells to increase longevity.

SANDALWOOD: Sandalwood has many magickal applications, including
Protection, spirituality, exorcism, healing, and wish fulfillment.Scatter sandalwood powder around your house to clear it of negativity. Write a wish on a sandalwood chip and
burn in your cauldron. As it burns it sets your magick flowing.
Sandalwood mixed with Lavender makes a wonderful incense which is intended to conjure spirits.

VIOLET FLOWERS: These are wonderful for using in amulets for good luck and fortune.

YARROW: A wonderful herb to use in love spells!!! Also works to
Draw courage and to purify. Drink as a tea to increase your psychic abilities. Put on a sprig of yarrow for protection.
Hold some on your hands when you’re fearful and this will stop all fear and give you courage. Carry some with you to draw love and to attract friends.

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