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After the Sabbats and Esbats are a very important part of a witches life. According to Raven Grimassis novel Wiccan Magic following and The Wiccan Mysteries both is key to learning how to hear the voice of the wind. Where Sabbats are to honor the turning of the seasons and the Gods where no magic is normally worked, Esbats are the celebrations of the Lady and giving her honor when magic is worked by the coven, and also . The following is the principles that witches use, although there are a number of books on Esbats and Moon Magic that you can check out. The following are the Full Moons and I will post the Dark Moons.

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Casting Directions for ‘Fundamental Esbat Information’

Wolf Moon – January
Storm Moon – February
Chaste Moon – March
Seed Moon – April
Hare Moon – May
Dyad (pair) Moon – June
Mead Moon – July
Wyrt (green plant) Moon – August
Barley Moon – September
Blood Moon – October
Snow Moon – November
Oak Moon – December
Blue Moon – variable

Wolf Moon (January)
Also called: Quiet Moon, Snow Moon, Cold Moon Disting Moon, Moon of Little Winter
Nature Spirits: brownies, gnomes
Herbs: cones, marjoram, holy thistle, nuts
Colors: brilliant
Flowers: crocus, snowdrop
Scents: mimosa, musk
Stones: garnet, onyx, jet, chrysoprase
Trees: birch
Animals: fox
Birds blue jay
Deities: Freyja Sarasvati, Hera, Ch’ang-O, Sinn
Power Flow: sluggish, under the surface; conceiving and starting. Protection spells. Conserving energy by working on issues that involve no one else. Obtaining your bodies to work easily together for the exact targets.

Ice Moon (February)
Also known as: Storm Moon, Horning Moon Wild Moon

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