Alchemical Decagram


Decagrams can be useful for summoning, enchanting, and typical spell casts that need a balance between its white magick and black magick properties.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Ability to cast a circle
Knowledge of Alchemy, “Squared Circle”
Candles (3, colors for intent)
Incense (3, one with positive usage and one with negative use, one of your choice)
Sacrificial Object (object of near importance that will no longer be required)

Casting Directions for ‘Alchemical Decagram’

First of all, you should light a protection incense (sandalwood works just fine) Focus, Meditate, etc.. You will cast a pentagramencircling it three times.
Next, you’ll throw another pentagram, upside down on it with the “soul” on the bottom. Encircle 3 times. This pentagram might be smaller or bigger than the original depending on where you want to go with it. Triumph of the spirit, the very first pentagram will be bigger than the next, triumph of the wicked, the second pentagram will be bigger. Equilibrium, both pentagrams are of the same geometrical size. This produces a Decagram, magickal forces, where as the manifestation we send out to the universe’s balance is in perfect alignment with a firm grasp on reality.

Simplified, you should have two five sided stars circled. Circled. If one is bigger than the other one, there’ll be two circles, leaving a space in between in which you may write sigils in relation to your intent. This space has to be used.

Now Square the circle (biggest circle), and you’ve got a square over the ring. Squaring the circle allows both energies of the circle and the square to start off a balance between feminine and masculine energy. Next, you will cast a triangle above all. This is a representation of the connection between the circle (Sprit), Square (Physical) and Triangle (Mentality), and the triangle is then circled 3 times.

What you have now should look like A circle with a triangle inside, a square inside the triangle, and a circle inside the square, where the ring is a decagram, representing both good and evil.

To see what the simple shape looks like, you might want to search it on the web, and many information of the symbol is perception based. It was mainly in the same logic that the Philosopher’s Stone may be generated, though in a magick sense, you can apply the same logic. Research on the symbol helps produce intent. Be aware of what time you cast this spell as you’re drawing the energy of this planet the timing is corresponding with.

The Three Factors on the Triangle will have the 3 candles you require. The colors are up to you. The intent is represented by the colors, they are different colors, the exact same color, or two of one and one of one. This triangle’s two points would be the points, so if two are the same color, place them here. The top is the dominant intent.

Everything you do from here depends what you’re drawing forth. To enchant an object, destroy something of equal value, crushing it, burning it, or even giving it away. Place the item in the decagram with the object you with to enchant. After the spell is cast, if you plan on giving it away, do it. If you’re giving it away, don’t use any dark magic aspects aside from the upside down pentagram and replace them with positive energies. The 3 candles use will enchant the object with the corresponding forces. The chants and intent are again your choice.

In cases of summoning, you must burn/destroy the objects. Rid them, do whatever you must. Summoning the deity or demonic entity will take a while, place you need to invoke them with passion. Take both incense, and mild one with the “calling of the soul” you want to draw forth. Chant again and blow out the fire. Do this again with the incense that is other. The fire, chant, blow out the flame, chant. Keep chanting. The spirit can come to you in any kind, even in physical objects. Your head must be clear of realistic science and be open to attune itself into a different plane of thought. Summoning takes some time, and alchemy is regarded as a pseudo science, therefore, both reality and false reality are in a balance, which is where the main power of this spell comes from.

Pentagram Circle3 Reversed Pentagram Circle3, Squared4, Triangled3, circled3 = Standard Element of Alchemical Equation defined by your perception. Manifested by Candle3 (Colors = aim) Non Charged object/spiritual connective intention, in which to be given magickal properties – item of equal value = process of spell and advancement of enchanting/summoning. Lighting of the incense creates balance of good and bad, so all elements of your equation must be balance in order for this to work.

As A Power Spell, use the symbol for your own ultimate intent. The Alchemical Sigil and Decagram relates to Reality and Beyond Reality, as well as good and evil, as the alchemical part is creating something from different materials.

Spell is best done on an alter.

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