Banish Bad Lovers


This is a spell from my own private book of shadows, which functions to banish a bad lover.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Black candles
One glove of Garlic
Black writing paper

Casting Instructions for ‘Banish Bad Lovers’

This spell is to be performed on a waning moon (meaning we’re eliminating things that piss us off because the moon is getting smaller and as she moves away she takes these awful things away from us.) Light all of your candles and gather your equiptment. You will need your black paper and chalk first. Write down all of the qualities you dislike from your lovers (past and present) that keep returning to you over and over. Are you fed up of meeting winners who expect you to pay for dinner? Are you sick arriving at your boyfriends house to find hes spent all day playing on his X box and doesnt want to leave the home? And the guy you dated who was looking over your shoulder at the girl in the low cut shirt behind you instead of looking you in the eye? Yes. All bothersome things, Im sure you dont want any advise from me on what to write. When you have written your listing say Oh, great and strong spirts of night I request you eliminate this evil from my life. Sound bold and stern and you say that. You are saying youre not putting up with this any longer. As you can put a large cross although the black paper using your glove of garlic, feel anger because you do so. You want to cross and X out these personality traits that seem to keep appearing on your fans. For those who have photos showing examples of people doing things you hate – all the better. You can use photographs off the net of look traits too, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if you want to get rid of men who wear tracksuits in people and have beer bellies this is a great time to get rid. You should only have the best after all. Tear all the pictures you’ve got and as you do this say: You caused me pain, misery and strife, you shall no longer enter my life. I’m worthy of treatment much better, I have no place for you in my world. Dig yourself a nice deep hole, its better to pick somewhere that isnt near your living quarters and a place you may never return to as a means of distancing yourself from crappy boyfriends. Bury the torn up paper and as you do this thank the spirts. Thank you Spirts of the night for your blessing of banishment. Scatter your salt over the earth where you have buried your ripped up pieces of paper. Like all of my spells, forget about your casting, the sooner you do the sooner you will get your results. Focus on the postitive from now on. We no longer say I dont need liars in my life We say I only want people who tell the truth. Try it and see.

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