A Sphere in the Darkness


A Nocturnal opening rite, consisting of circle casting and a combined banishing.

You may need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘A Sphere in the Darkness’

Casting the Cirlce

Stand in a room, which you have made as dark as you can. Imagine that your body is full of an icy gas-like material, and that this chemical begins to gather in your chest, around your solar plexus. It has a dark color. Spin clockwise three times with eyes open. Close your eyes and twist counter clockwise 3 times (roughly) a little faster than before. Open your eyes again, and feel the purple sphere inside your chest. Breathe in the world making it kind of crackle. When you exhale, imagine the sphere pushing energy in an oval shape out. The world itself isn’t expanding, it is just pushing out this dark purple energy. Repeat this 3-5 times, until the sphere is big enough (you decide when this is). It should form a dome, going into the ground and over your head.

Purifying the Circle (Banishing)

This is your circle. So as to purify it, you walk straight ahead to the edge of the ring. Breathe in, exciting the world, and breathe out, feeling energy shimmering into the walls of the dome.

Walk counter clockwise to the next point (1/4 of the bands diameter), and stand here. Breathe in, place your palms together, breathe out and feel the energy go into them. Rub them together, feeling the energy. Place them on the dome, and feel the energy dissipate into the dome.

Walk counter clockwise to the next point, breathe, feel the energy well into your throat and mouth. Lick the tips of your fingers, and set them on the face of the dome.

Walk counter clockwise to the previous point. Breathe in, feeling energy in your entire body. Then, drop to your knees, in which the energy will be sent through the floor into the sphere.

Then you can come back to the center, and start your working.

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