A Lovers Token


This jar is a nice one to give as a token of your love to a lover and to intensify the link between you. The herbs are well known for their association with love, and because of the connection between the bottles should help you to communicate.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A glass jar with cork
Petals rose
Dried/fresh rosemary
Dried/fresh lavender
Rose water or oil
Pink ribbon

Casting Directions for ‘A Lovers Token’

Crush the rose petals and put in the bottle. Put in the rosemary and/or lavender, then -add the oil or rose water almost to the top, leaving some space for air to circulate. Cork the bottle and drip wax over the cork. Lay the ribbon onto a level surface.

Place the bottles one. Move them towards one another along the ribbon to signify you and your lover meeting. Tie the ribbon round your spouses bottle and give it to them, when they meet. Put yours on a shelf, dresser or anyplace where it won’t be disturbed.

These bottles are concrete evidence of the connection between your lover and you. You may use them soothe you in the bad or to remind you of those times that are good. The ribbon signifies the connection between you, so you have connected once you think of it.

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