A love spell in nature


A spell from my book of shadows that worked.

You may need the following items for this spell:

2 acorns which are attached to each other
Incense offerings for goddess and the god

Casting Directions for ‘A love spell in nature’

Go outside. Be where no one else is 13, in a serene setting. Pray to goddess and the god, light incense. Tell them how grateful you are for the blessings they’ve made for you. Tell how much you love your someone . Let all the feelings out. Find 2 acorns that are naturally attached at the top. These acorns will represent you and the person you love. Picture you, close your eyes and hold them in your hands and your special someone. Even think up situations. You have to FEEL like its occurred. Say “by these acorns love is bestowed upon me” dig a little hole, bury the acorns, then put a clockwise circle of sugar around the place while saying “may sweetness and love bind us together, so mote it be”

This spell can be used on your certain someone even if they’re already in love with you, it may boost the love.

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