Balances the Chakras


Balances your energy. Its relaxing and help me to gain back.

You will need the following items for this spell:

An oil that you think stimulates the eye

Casting Directions for ‘Balances the Chakras’

1) Attain a state of concentration; close your eyes, take a deep breath and count to 10, becoming more and more relaxed as you work your way up to ten. Then tense every muscle in your body. Unwind them and count to 20, they need to be very relaxed.
2) Find your chakras, start in the crown and root.
3) Visualize a reddish fire beginning at your root chakra, keep it there and let the energy from it nicely up. Use it to send roots stemming into the earth. Let it stop in the middle, allow the roots wrap around the heart and use that energy.
4) Bring the energy up into your body, allow it to stay to increase pressure at your crown chakra like a spring. Then let it all go up to the skies, Where it’ll be purified and bring it back down to your crown chakra. Keep this flow happening.
5) Let the energy from thr crown circulate to your throat chakra, let the throat chakra fill with the energy. Let your throat chakra transfer the enrrgy to water, it signifies the smoothness of communicating, now you have two elements; water and fire, flowing through you. Now send the energy from the crown to your heart chakra, now conjure up happy, loving thoughts and add them to the flow of energy. Proceed onto the solar plexus chakra, take in the energy of the moon and sun and channel it into the solar plexus chakra and make it shine with energy, as the solar olexus is the sign of power. Next move on the chakra. Use the energy from the root channelled in the earth to create a flower grow on the orb of your chakra. Let heat and the water from the other chakras nurture the plant. Now image all of this happen at the same time, let the energy flow.

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