The 14 Chakras


Into want I have studied on the chakras both fundamental and the ones I’ll 19, this goes into.

You may need the following items for this spell:

It will provide you some information on the chakras, although it’s not a spell.

Casting Instructions for ‘The 14 Chakras’

This is what I’ve seen with study on the chakras that are extraexternal.
In many articles and websites I’ve read, there are several chakras above the head.
There are very few who go into the chakras.
Being grounded is important, and being with ones spiritual and material world in equilibrium.
You would think that this means the chakras above and below the head will be in equilibrium also.
This is some information I’ve gathered and felt to be correct.
This is what I’ve researched, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
We are going from the top down.

-Stellar gateway(Shimmering white): A gateway between the etherealngelic world.
If available, you can receive messages from the higher planes.
You may not listen or take time to listen to these messages if this is closed.
-Soul star(Shimmering white and gold): Receives messages from the leading gateway.
The message is held by it, and sends it down to the chakra.
If this is open, all messages will be received by you.
Some information may be lost by you if that is closed, or your message may seem skewed.

-Casual(Light lavender or purple): A chakra that allows these religious messages to be interpreted from the higher planes, to you.
If that is open, you can get messages with clarity.
If that is closed, you might not know.

-Crown(Violet): 7th of the basic chakras. It is a wisdom center, and says a lot about.
If that is open, you’re balanced in spiritual and bodily needs.
If that is closed, you may have an aversion to spirituality, or don’t spend anyenough time thinking about it.
If this is overactive, you’re conceptualizing too much, and you are not in balance with your body. You might be ungrounded.

-Third eye(Indigo): This is the chakra used when describing the sixth sense.
You may also receive messages and dreams through this chakra.
It is used for development of psychic abilities such as
Forms of kinesis
This could be helpful, but also damaging.
If available, you can clearly see and interpret your area that is astral,
And will not have any problems with unintended hearing and viewing of the astral.
. . .Or whatever it is your sixth sense reads.
If closed, you are like most people, and are fairly oblivious to the happenings of the astral.
If overactive, this can cause problems with sleep,
And you might be picking up on messages and sounds not meant for you.
It can be like a radio going off in your head.
You’re most likely ungrounded.

Throat(blue): The throat chakra, my personal favorite. 🙂
This chakra governs creativity, communication, and expression.
If open, your ability to be creative, expressive,and communicate is balanced.
If closed, you may not be expressing yourself or communicating your needs well, if at all.
If overactive, you might talk too much, rather than listen well to others.
You may be pushing some people away with this.
The three hearts:
Yes, there are three which are connected to this divine emotion.
Ethereal heart(Shimmering white, green, pink): This chakra governs divine love. The ability to forgive, love unconditionally,
And look past physical flaws. Love of your fellow man and woman.
If that is open, you can love people with an unconditional light, and are very forgiving.
If this is closed, you might have many conditions to love, and are very stubborn.
You won’t forgive someone easily, if at all without considerable reason.
If this is overactive, you may be too forgiving. You will tend to see the good in people,
And completely overlook the fact that they’ve stepped on you every day.

Heart(Green): Main heart chakra.
Governs how you react around others, and trust levels.
(This can be closed or near closed, and the divine heart still
be open. You can still have a general love for humans, you just
won’t include as many in your circle of close friends.)
If this is open, you may approach others with a sense of
Compassion, but will have clear boundaries for yourself and others.
If this is closed, you do not trust others gently, and it can be very hard for you not to be cold,
Or to let anybody in.
You are probably suffering emotionally, and you may be misguided by your heart.
Sacred heart(Pink): This chakra governs love of life and purpose.
If available, you generally love where your life is leading you, and you have a solid sense of purpose.
If closed, you may be feeling lost. Likely another chakra is overactive to compensate for this being closed.
You might feel weary of life, and wonder why you believe you ‘have no place’ yet.
You might be so focused on your purpose and love of life, that you get lost in that if overactive.
Youy might not be spending time with friends and your family,
Taking care of your self, or living life.

Navel(Yellow):The Navel or solar plexus chakra governs self image and self power.
You can assert yourself, and generally have a high self esteem, if open.
If closed, you might think less of yourself than you are, and are passive.
You hold some resent for moments you felt you did not have the power to, and may be hard on yourself
Speak up about.
You try difficult to control others, and may be too competitive if overactive.
You may end up in unfulfilled or strenuous relationship at work, home, and life.
Sacral(Orange): The connection and sexual chakra.
This chakra governs your view and feelings toward intimacy lust, and romanticsexual relationships.
You are balanced in such feelings if open, and can handle list and intamacy on your relationship.
You have some commitment issues, if closed,
Or feel highly uncomfortable with relationships.
You might just be uncomfortable with intimacy.
You might be uncomfortable with lust.
You may have experienced abuse this way. (If so, contact the police or tell someone you trust. Psychological and medical attention is needed by you. It’s okay to put an end to any type of abuse. No one who truly matters will judge you.)
You may feel very attached to your connection, or be in love if overactive
To the point where you can hurt yourself of your not careful.
(Be careful ladies and gents. It is a big world, and there are bad ones and good ones.
Do not get so carried away that you end up broken hearted or worse. This is a dangerous chakra to harm.)

Root(Red): This chakra governs the material world, and your ability to live inside.
This is. It is the root.
You are grounded and secure, if open. You have a home, and it’s stable.
You enjoy life and the material life in balance.
You might be in an unstable living situation if closed. You may be having financial problems.
Chances are you may focus highly on a different chakra, and aren’t very materially inclined.
If this is closed, you’ve got an chakra, and are definitely ungrounded.
You are open to change in living or financing, and are most likely highly materialistic if overactive.
You may tend to focus less on religious and emotional needs.

Earth star(Deep brown or black): Kind of like a super origin.
More like a spirit root.
This holds the key to your lives, and collects the experience and karmas of this life.
This is more or less something cleanse and maybe to look at.
It will help in past life regression.
If open, you can have a look in your life with much ease, and look at experiences.
You probably can’t, or have an extremely difficult time with this, if closed.

Gaia gateway(Deep black or green): This is what I would consider the pool of the earth star, or the very bottom of the tank.
It takes everything from the earth star, and reflects it back to the ground, and the earth then reflects back it to you.
It may be good or bad, but this is Karmic cleansing is nessecary.
You wouldn’t want to become a saint, suffering from a serial killer’s crimes could you?
Me either.

I hope I have given you a different perspective, or at least some information.
Warmest wishes,

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