Open Sesame


Sesame seeds are said to have the power to open locks, reveal hidden passages and to find hidden treasures. They also are used in magic to induce lust. However here they are used in a much more mundane way, to attract money.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A pretty glass or ceramic bowl
Handful of sesame seeds

Casting Instructions for ‘Open Sesame’

Place the sesame seeds in the bowl. Put the bowl somewhere near the door of your home in a safe space.Each time you pass the bowl on the way out, give it a stir with your Apollo finger (the ring finger) of your right hand.

Change the seeds every month, and dispose of the seeds by burying them or throwing them into running water.

When going for a job interview try to ensure that you have some sesame oil. Decide what salary you want, then touch a little of the oil on the pulse spots on your wrists. Be confident in asking for the required sum.

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