Bagging Stress


A Mediterranean spell to bill you with the power to overcome a stressful situation.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A handmade cloth bag Some dry ground A small bunch of borage blossoms

Casting Instructions for ‘Bagging Stress’

We all suffer from stress at one time or another, and in a workplace it’s often difficult to reverse the situation. This charm can be taken to your workplace or utilized in other stressful situations, with minimal disturbance. For healing and magic, the earth, or Mother Earth, from whence all things spring, is unsurpassed. Add a little borage, the blossom of courage, and some of your own character, and even the toughest of predicaments can be overcome.

Make a little bag. It can be quite plain and simple, but it’s important that you sew it together by hand, so you are placing your self-essence into it. The bag needs to be large enough for one to get both hands inside, with a drawstring to secure it. As a special touch, embroider your initials on it in your favorite color. On a bright, sunny day collect a few handfuls of dry ground and some borage blossoms. Feel the sun’s rays warming your body and the flowers and the soil in your hands, and store the memory carefully. Dry the borage blossoms, then place them with the earth in your bag. pull the drawstring to secure them. Keep the bag in an accessible location. When things are going badly or you need a pick-me-up, it is only going to take a few moments to put your hands in the bag, touch the dried borage blossoms, reflect on your stored memories, and allow Mother Earth work her magic.

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