Asking for the Dreams


This works perhaps most efficiently for people who have already learnt how to recall and record their fantasies as shown below.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Your mind

Casting Directions for ‘Asking for the Dreams’

Use as a memory jogger the word CARDS, which stands for the following points: Clarify the issue Request the query
Repeat it
Dream and document it
Study the dream C means that you spend some time in clarifying exactly what the issue really is. When you determine the basic aspects of what seems to be blocking your progress or where you are stuck, you can get some insight into your own mental processes. You have so prepared the groundwork.
Try to state the problem as positively as possible; for example Promotion moves me instead of I’m not getting promoted. The subconscious tends to latch on to negative statements rather than positive, so if you state the problem negatively you are allowing negative energy to get a foothold. Dont attempt to solve the situation at that point.
A suggests that you ask the proper question using an old journalistic technique: Who? What? Where? When? Why? Then sort out in your own mind exactly what the appropriate question is. For instance, in our example, you might ask: Who can best help in my search for marketing?
What should I do to be in line for promotion? Where do the best opportunities lie for me? When will I be able to use my higher experience? Why is my expertise not being recognized? You can see that all these questions are open questions, and aren’t necessarily tied to any time frame. They do permit you to determine where your understanding of magical influence or spell which makes is best employed. If you ask a confused question you might well get a confusing answer, so try to get as close to the heart of the matter as you can. Conversely, by asking inappropriate questions that you may notch up answers that you do not wish to have. Repeat the question. Just as restating an incantation builds up power, by repeating the query over and above you are fixing it in the subconscious. Blocks of 3 repetitions oftenwork very well, so repeating three sets of three (nine times in all) means that it should have reached deep into your subconscious. As you write yourself for sleep and use your comfort methods, tell yourself that you’ll have a dream that will provide you an answer to your question or problem. Dream command means telling your inner self that you will have a dream that will help. If you desire, as you repeat the question tap lightly on your third eye at the middle of your forehead. 1 word of warning. The dreaming self is very wayward, so to begin with you may not receive a response on the night you request it. You can only receive part of a response, or nothing for several nights, and then a series of dreams that tell you what you will need to know. It’s a very individual process, and nobody can explain to you how it should be. With time you may recognize your own routine, but be ready to be patient with yourself. Dream it. If you do dream, record it briefly as soon as possible, noting down the main theme, and anything else you consider might help you on your magical practice. Study the dream in more detail when you have time enough to do so. Look carefully at the vision within the fantasy, which will probably be rather clear-cut and straightforward. Look for details, clues and hidden meanings, see whether you can apply any of them to situations in your normal everyday life, and use your own knowledge of symbolism that will assist you decide whether creating a spell or ritual will make your life more satisfying or easier to deal with. Sometimes the suggestion for a new means of acting or the answer to a query can come from using the information to a different part of your life, before you even get down to tackling the question you’ve asked. As you become more proficient at dealing with the information that becomes available to you, you may find the nature of your queries changes and becomes a lot more pro-active. As an example, you may end up asking, How do I make so and so happen? or What if I did . . ? This is true imagination and gives you the opportunity to practise your spell making along with your magic in a number of different waysIt is the exciting process of the appearance of the magical you appearing on your external life.

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