Horoscopes for Friday, March 16, 2018


Is Today Your Birthday?

Stop thinking about all the things that might go wrong in your life and start thinking about all the things that should go right. The kind of experiences you have in the world “out there” depend so much on what goes on inside your head, so be positive.


By all means splash out a bit today and over the weekend. You have worked hard in recent weeks and are entitled to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Just be careful that you don’t end up paying for other people too. Watch out for freeloaders.


There is no point trying to get approval for what you are planning to do – nor do you need to. The highly positive influence of tomorrow’s new moon means you can pretty much do as you please now, so get on with it and enjoy every moment.


You seem to be a bit quiet at the moment but in a way that’s good because you have a lot to think about before the Sun moves into your birth sign early next week. Distance yourself from people who make far too much unnecessary noise.


You will have to make sacrifices above and beyond the call of duty today and you will do so quite happily. On some deep level you understand that what you do for others now will be done for you later on. That’s how the universe works.


You will surprise a few people today and over the weekend by how well you deal with challenges. Tomorrow’s new moon in the career area of your chart means you are determined to show the world that you have what it takes to succeed.


You are entitled to your opinions and anyone who tries to censor your views or shut down your ability to speak had better watch out. You have no time for people who think that only their ideas deserve to be heard. Come down on them hard.


Avoid getting involved in other people’s quarrels over the next 24 hours. Not only will you not be able to resolve them but you could end up turning both sides against you. Chances are your intervention will do more harm than good.


Other people may have the upper hand in several important areas at the moment but that will change soon enough. Today and tomorrow though you would be wise to do as they say, if only because arguing is such a waste of time and energy.


Tomorrow’s new moon falls in the work and wellbeing area of your chart, which means you need to pay extra attention to your health and to make sure you are not pushing yourself too hard. Stay safely within your physical and emotional limits.


You seem amazingly confident at the moment and the upcoming new moon in your fellow Water sign of Pisces will give your energy levels an extra boost. Romantically, too, this is a very good time for you, so don’t be stingy with your affections.


Being such a self-assured Sag you don’t like to think of yourself as anything less than perfect but the planets indicate that some sort of transgression will lower your status in the eyes of certain people. Will that worry you? Not in the slightest!


Put yourself about a bit today and over the weekend. Experience what you want to experience and don’t give a moment’s consideration to what other people might think about it. If it feels good, do it. And if it feels really good, do it again!

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