Working with Angles


Summon up Heavenly beings to do you bidding.
But why work with Angels? Angels, from my personal experience, are enjoyable to work with and more easy. They don’t mind helping out anyone in need of health, fanatical, and social issues.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Black mirror or crystal ball triangle of Solomon, 2 white candles a magic circle as well as the angles sigil.

Casting Directions for ‘Working with Angles’

First pick on your Angel
MICHAEL – Michael’s image is of a young man wearing a gold cloak. His hair flows back from a face that is strong and his hand rests upon a sword’s hilt. The Archangel Michael can be invoked in all matters associated with career, sports, personal finance, ambition, bureaucracy, officialdom, and the health of the physical body. He is a healing angel.
GABRIEL- The magical image of Gabriel is a mature man who wears the curved crescent of the waxing Moon on his forehead . This lunar symbol covers the third eye which is the source of psychic powers. Gabriel wears a silver cloak which reflects the light as does crystal glass. Gabriel can be invoked for an increase in most things. Specifically, he has ruler ship over psychic powers, astral travel, conception, dreams, childbirth, and all things connected with women , travel by sea, the house and creativity.
RAPHAEL- Raphael is a young guy dressed as a pilgrim or traveler. He wears a yellow cloak, a wide rimmed hat with a feather in it, winged sandals, and carries a staff entwined with two snakes (caduceus), the symbol of the divine healer. Raphael should be invoked in rituals involving recovery, communications, travel, young people, education, business contracts, commercial selling, writing and self-expression. As Hermes is also the god of thieves his help can be requested to help find stolen goods or lost property. On his greatest degree Raphael represents the spiritual guide or mentor that helps the person who is just beginning his/her journey on the occult path.
ANAEL – Anael’s picture is a youth who seems to be neither male or female but combines the beauty of both sexes. He wears a long green cloak and his long black hair is banded by a ringlet of wild flowers and roses. Anael can be redeemed for all matters related to romantic love, harmony, friendship, pleasure, marital affairs, music, the arts and poetry. SAMAEL – Samael can be invoked for anything to do with acts of physical courage or machines. He grants the ability of manual dexterity, craftsmanship, and protects against danger from fire and violence.
SACHIEL – Sachiel is a well built older man. He wears a purple cloak decorated with gold coins. The Archangel Sachiel has rulership over all matters relating to material wealth, social eminence, political power, Big business, gambling, important friendships, and all legal and insurance matters. He can be invoked for assistance in all financial matters.
CASSIEL – Cassiel’s is a stern looking man dressed in a long black cloak. Sometimes he carries a staff and an hourglass to symbolize his ruler ship over time. This archangel could be redeemed for all matters concerning property, older people, wills and estates, legacies, karma, death, land, agriculture, and longstanding health ailments connected with old age In dealing with Cassiel it must be recalled that time is not linear but cyclic. Death is not the end of the human personality but the transformation to another state of being.
Wear the Angels sigil around your neck (As a necklace…) Then, perform the Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram (S.I.R.P). Recite the invocation of your choice, and then continue with the service and complete with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

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