Witch Garden Blessing


One of the things lost in contemporary witchcraft is a thorough connection with nature and earth. Many witched are making a return to traditional uses of witchcraft and are including homegrown herbs and homemade oils more and more. If you have you have with garden and would love to bless it, try the following spell. After you scared garden is blessed you may use it for any character, sun or lunar rituals you endeavor.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A compass (bronze if possible) Blessing oil Fire: A Orange Candle Water: A Birdbath Air: Wind chimes Earth: Stones

Casting Directions for ‘Witch Garden Blessing’

This spell is best done on a Sunday night during the waxing phase of the moon. You might choose to add a cleansing ritual before you do this spell. This charm is to bless and protect you magickal garden and also to prepare it as an external altar for other magickal or character based workings.

Bless, charge and consecrate each of the products. Cast your circle as you normally would and place the items on the floor the path that corresponds to each element.
Stand in the center of your garden:
Gaia, Mother I ask for you to join me
Bless this land given by you
Make this land safe
And a pure sanctuary of my spiritual energies
Guide me and infuse the dirt with your light
Sit down in the center of your circle. Put a drop of the boon oil in each hand and rub them together to gather energy. Construct the energies into your hands and when you’re ready and your hands are full of energy place them palm down onto the ground and say: So mote it be.
Stand and do a complete 360 turn three times to seal in the energy. You ought to take a pinch of dirt from you garden and place it on your altar.
A whole lot of contemporary witches dont have the liberty or having a herbal garden or an outside place to conduct spell castings and outside rituals. If you dont have an outside area dont be saddened or discouraged lots of witches dont have and outside area for magick till they by a home later in life. It is not compulsory for magick but if you are serious about exploring witchcraft a green thumb can go a long way in expanding your witchcraft herbal knowledge base.

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