Wish on A Star Spell


The Celebrities have energy

You will need the following items for this spell:

Stars Paper Pen or Pencil religion, Believe Night time

Casting Instructions for ‘Wish on A Star Spell’

The celebrities have great energy, and you can use that when making your wish spell. You’ll have to do this on a transparent night, preferably away from city lights if you can manage it.
•A piece of white paper
•The first star you see at night

Write your wish down on a sheet of paper and fold it over once. Carry it with you outside to where you are going to watch for the star. Watch the sky and when you see the very first star, focus on its light for the rest of the spell.

Hold up the folded piece of paper so that it blocks out the star, and repeat the following:

When you wish upon a star,
Your desires won’t be very far.

Repeat 3 times. Lower the newspaper, and look at the star again. Repeat the words another 3 time while watching the light of the first star. Go back inside, and keep the paper under your pillow. In a few nights, you will see your wish begin to come true.

I got this for another site, I tried this and it worked for me
I am not just saying that and I believe that you can use it as many times as you want , this is for beginners or higher.

Message me if it works and please no bad comment or message. P.s. sorry if this desire spell don’t work for you, so sorry, speed it after you use it and when I do this spell I throw the desire paper away after like three to four day being under my pillow and it usually comes true with at the following day. I still haven’t attempted against free will or love I just tried it after my surgery is done and it came true. So I am soo sooo sooo sorry if it don’t come true for you. but keep trying three times

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