What I Imagine


This charm will make you look to others as you imagine yourself.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Bowl of sand Long sturdy stick Aloe (fresh picked) A towel or cloth at least a couple feet long

Casting Instructions for ‘What I Imagine’

This is a simple spell, love.

Find a place outdoors where you wont be bothered.

To set up your spell, take your stick, and draw a circle in the sand just big enough for two people to stand in comfortably.
Take a your towel and lay it down within the circle you just drew, and upon it put the bowl of sand, and the piece/pieces or aloe plant. Now stand in the middle or your circle, and youre ready to start the spell.

Face North for Earth, hold your hands out in front of you and repeat the following as you slowly place your hands on you face,
What I imagine…
To you, I’m what I imagine.

Bend down and grab a little hand of sand from your bowl. Use the other hand to pinch a little and rub it across your forehead, then your cheeks, your nose, and chin. Being careful not to let it fall into your eyes repeat,
My thoughts…
My thoughts, your knowledge.

Release the rest of the sand if you have some. Now bend down and pick up a piece of aloe plant. Squeeze some onto your fingers, and being careful not to prick yourself replicate,
From the grace of a beautiful Earth, I will change into a new image, my image.

Now close the ring by sprinkling the remaining sand from your bowl above the lines of the circle you drew with the stick.

Youre finished. Bear in mind, do think too much about the spell, youve done your part so leave destiny, and energy to look after the rest.

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