Warmth- Fire based spell


Following these instructions, you will learn how to provide yourself heat. It takes many times to completely master but is among the simplest spells you can do as a flame newcomer.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Belief Practice

Casting Instructions for ‘Warmth- Fire based spell’

IMAGINE being a red blood cell. You are in a stuffy red tube but you’re not alone. You’re surrounded by friends and family. They are laughing and some are reaching out to you. You take their hand and you feel a tingling sensation. Suddenly your hand begins to vibrate and golden radiation stems from your enclosed hands like a pulse. Golden beams shoot out and with every pulse, cracks form inside the tube. Your friend smiles and squeezes harder. They tell you to smile and you do. Unexpectedly, the tube bursts open and you are in a field. The blossoms brush against your now pale leg and the sun shares her warmth. You are a part of her soul and now you need to feel dizzy. DONT open your eyes rather repeat the story but this time, before you grin, the tube opens and you combine everyone you know and thousands to millions of people that you have seen on the road. Consider the woman crying. Envision she went home to see her baby boy back safe and sound. Bear in mind the boy you helped his assignments with? His parents finally hugged him and your warmth today ought to be fiercer than the warmth of the boys parents. Soon after you had repeated this many times, you can create variations or just stick with the same story. After practicing MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY times, you will not even need a story and it would come naturally or on instinct. The warmth spell will DEFINITELY not work the first time but when it does you have amazing skills and have to proceed to a higher degree. Probably around the 6th, 7th time, you will feel a fast pulse of warmth. It’ll be fast, small, warm, but it is going to be magic, not coincidence. If you give up before then or do not believe, I suggest searching believing in magic or starting with air that is determination. Air also works because strikes are forces instead of physical objects.

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