Tormentia Curse


This is a spell that uses flowers and candles to hex severe targets at exactly the same time. It can be somewhat dangerous is you haven’t mastered visualization however, and if you forget to concentrate on your targets it might backfire.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Dark purple candle
Black candle
Morning glories, amount depends in how many goals you need to curse.
1 pink rose
Blood root
War water

Casting Instructions for ‘Tormentia Curse’

Visualize all the blossoms as your goals, and the blood root as their blood. Place them under the sunlight during a whole day simbolizing all their good, bright times they have experienced before the curse. If you have any small possessions of these, put them near the flowers during the first day. At the end of the day, put war water in a jar and carefully slip the blossoms inside of it, then retrieve them back.

On the very first day: Burn the pink rose with the purple candle, maintaining the morning glories close to the candle, as if watching the first target being burned.

On the second day: Squish among the morning glories, visualizing it as your target and the action as messing with their heads and damaging them in the procedure.

On the third day: Repeat the same thing with another morning glory, yet another goal. Do the same thing during all the days needed according to your targets.

On the fourth day: Put all of the squished flowers together, light the black candle and, focusing on the fire, chant: O (your deity, focusing on the revengeful side of said deity, if you havent got any you can chant into a chaotic mythical monster, I used the goddess Morrigan), full of power and anger, perfectly entwined, let this insignificant being turned into the most dangerous Witch (or magician, sorcerer or any magical being you identify as) for I am wishing to see grief, May (targets full name) get lost in the sea of madness, may (another targets full name) become a living corpse, may (targets full name) search for an inexistent relief of the least beareable pain, may (targets full name) drown in their own tears for they are in sorrow, and may my power force them to eventually succumb to the enchants of Departure. Hear my calling, ravens of the discord, make them create their empty holes bleed (squish the blood origin and throw it up the blossoms) till they arent able to feel, Hear me, dying trees, turn their brains to a scary woods of tormentia they could never escape (raise the tormentil) And, above all, may I hear my own soul because she is going to make them weep, Alongside with (deity) who has heard my darkest desires, for we will reunite when I finish my trip of chaos in this insignificant world when compared to You, But for now I send you these souls who have wronged a witch of your own and precious belonging. May your sacred darkness teach them to not to mess with anybody but themselves, So mote it be!

Wait until the candle absorbs itself and focus on your intent, let your mind wander imaginging the targets in pain and thanking your deity.

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